Why I think Chicago sucks

So, you’ve just Googled “Chicago sucks” or clicked the WordPress tags link “Chicago sucks” and you find yourself here. (It’s extremely unlikely you got here with any other search term.) Or, possibly, you clicked a link from City Data or Windy Citizen.  Now what?

Please allow me to give you a little friendly advice. If you actually love Chicago and were only Googling “Chicago sucks” for the giggles, please keep moving, find another blog. You WON’T like what you read here. Please don’t comment, because this is NOT a debate site, it’s a commiseration site for people who feel the same.

It’s also NOT a public forum, it’s a post on my personal blog, so 1st Amendment rights do not apply to you here. I don’t allow flames, or name calling – such comments are deleted. I’m also not particularly indulgent when people think they need to “defend Chicago” or “offer a rebuttal” to my opinion of Chicago. First of all, Chicago doesn’t need you to defend it; secondly, you can’t say anything that anyone here hasn’t heard thousands of times already; and thirdly, I don’t need a “rebuttal” because I AM the rebuttal to the starry-eyed “Chicago is the greatest city in the world!” attitude.

Still have something to say? Here, go to www.wordpress.com and get your own blog.

For the record:

  • No, I haven’t dedicated an entire blog to Chicago sucking.
  • No, this is not all I think about. This is but one post out of more than a thousand on my blog.
  • No, these are not the only comments on this post. The comment thread got so huge I had to move them to another page in an attempt to shorten the length here, so add about 1500 to the total you see here. (Prior to WordPress changing their comments format)
  • No, I’m not a native Chicagoan.
  • Yes, I live in Chicagoland.
  • Yes, I’ve lived here for decades.
  • Yes, I’ve lived in other cities around the country.
  • Yes, I’d love to move.
  • No, circumstances don’t permit that right now.
  • Why, is really none of your business.
  • It’s enough that if I could move, I would.
  • But since I’m currently stuck here, and a tax-paying citizen here, I AM free to express my opinion with the state of things here, since I’M paying for it.
  • Don’t like that? Then move along, nothing for you to see here.
  • Yes, we know Chicago has bars, museums, restaurants, parades, the El, and a big, shiny bean.
  • No, those are not the things we particularly care about.

Yes, we know other cities have problems too, but we don’t live in other cities, we live here, and are concerned about issues here. It’s not enough to say “It’s not as bad as Cleveland, or Detroit,” when the reality is, why aren’t we as good as Houston or Salt Lake City? They have lower taxes, lower unemployment, lower crime. Why do Chicagoans settle for less, and apparently like it?  Why are they, in fact, proud of it? 

So, you want to say, “Get the f*ck out if you don’t like it here!” as though (a) I didn’t think of that and (b) I’ve never heard that before?

Here’s a thought for all of you who say that to me – How about YOU leave so we can fix the place up and make it so it doesn’t suck? Just sayin’.

If, on the other hand, you don’t care too much for Chicago either, and need a place to vent your frustration, want a group of like-minded people to share your thoughts with, then by all means, scroll down and say hello. :)



If you’ve come here to argue with me, be rude, hostile, or a smartass, please don’t bother. You’re never going to change how I feel about a place, or undo what I’ve dealt with.

And please don’t make the mistake that I am a miserable person and “so unhappy.”  FORBES called CHICAGO a miserable city, it did not say I am a miserable person.  Are we clear on this now?  Plus, it’s not like you care whether or not I’m happy, so it’s okay for you to ditch the “if you’re so unhappy you should just leave!” lines.

How about this – if you’re so unhappy with my post, you should just move on to another blog. 

If you want to love on Chicago, I’m more than happy to point you to www.wordpress.com , where you can get your own blog and praise Chicago to the skies. No hard feelings. :D


(The original post from Feb. 2008 , in its entirety, follows.)

Recently I did a little post called, " Proof That Chicago Sucks ." It has turned out to be one of my most popular posts, and I get daily searches for the phrase "Chicago sucks" in my search engine terms. So I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to the subject, with my reasons for disliking Chicago, and not simply Forbes reasons for listing it in the Top 10 Most Miserable US cities.


The unemployment rate is higher than the national average. I can speak from personal experience that this is especially true in the tech industry. And even if you can get a job, the pay rate will be below national average.

Housing sales are down more than 22% since the same time period last year. The average home price is close to $260,000. And property taxes are through the roof. (Pun intended!) Can’t afford a house? Plan on paying at least $1000 to rent a half-way decent apartment.

The commute time is horrible, on roads that are more pothole and patchwork than actual road. Plan on an hour, each way, just to get to work and back.

The weather is terrible. A local joke is that Chicago has 2 seasons – winter and road work. Um, it’s not a joke and it’s not funny. I have calculated that temperatures can vary as much as 200°. I have seen -80° wind-chills in winter, and 120° heat indices in summer. Often it is colder here than in Alaska.

Jackets? You like jackets? Good, because you’ll need at least 6. One to wear to and from the car, one to wear in the car, one to wear inside, one for fall days, one for fall nights, and one for rainy days. See, if you get one heavy enough for outside wear, it’s too bulky to wear in the car, but your car’s not warm enough to ditch the coat entirely – you still need something to stay warm. The weather varies so widely that you need a coat, jacket, or sweater for every 10° variance.

In the summer, the heat and humidity can be so stifling that it’s almost difficult to breathe. It’s no surprise that Chicago has one of the highest asthma rates in the nation.

How hot is it? In 1995, it was so hot that nearly 600 people died in less than a week from heat related causes.

Spring? Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Autumn’s not a whole lot different.

The City That Works? ROFLMAO Yeah. I remember when this story about sleeping on the job hit the air. Pictures and video of sleeping city workers were all over the news. Officials leave work early, if they deign to show up at all. They put friends and relatives on the payroll. No, they don’t give them jobs, just put them on the payroll.

Government corruption in Chicago, and the Illinois state government? Notorious. One of our former governors is sitting in prison right now for his role in this truck license scam that cost a family 6 of their children.

Taxes? Chicago has one of the highest tax rates in the country. (And it’s gone up since the linked article was written.) Someone has to pay for all those relatives and friends on city payrolls.

It seems like everything costs more here, from milk to gasoline. Utility rates are sky high. Take natural gas, for instance: one year I lived in a place that had electric heat. The years before and after I had gas heat. During that one year with electric heat, gas prices had doubled. Before, I paid about $75 to heat my house. The year after? About $150. Bigger house? No. I checked the bill – the rates were 100% higher. And that was 10 years ago.

People think the food here is wonderful. I suspect the only people who feel that way are the people who have lived here all their lives, and never eaten anywhere else. Chicago pizza isn’t all that hot. It’s more sauce than cheese, and sausage seems to be the topping of choice around here. Saucy sausage on dough. Does that sound appetizing to you?

And did you know, it’s offensive to put ketchup on a Chicago Style hot dog ? I kid you not: "It is taboo to put ketchup on a Chicago hot dog; there are actually some hot dog shops and stands that will refuse to provide service if the customer makes the request." They aren’t kidding – I’ve been to such places. "We don’ got no catch up heeah. You ain’t from Shikahga, air ya?" No. No I’m not. (Yes, folks actually speak like Dennis Franz around here. He’s from Chicago, not New York. The "accent" he has is native to here.)

I would love to get out, but it’s like living in a black hole.

There’s some sort of weird arrogance in Chicago too, at least on the news. Everything has to have some kind of Chicago connection. When the September 11 attacks happened, I expected my local news to carry the story of what was happening across the nation – New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. Nothing was happening here, the big news was elsewhere. What was the news about? The Sears Tower and how it might possibly may have maybe at some point thought to have been we think on the speculated we assume target list. Oh and by the way, some planes made the World Trade Center collapse. But they were headed to Chicago! It was nauseating.

Those are a few of my reasons. I have more, but I think this is enough for a post. No doubt you’d say, "More than!" LoL :) That’s why I hope someone who’s searched for "Chicago sucks" comments here. Hey, we’re in one of the Top 10 Most Miserable cities! Let’s chat! Tell me why you think it sucks here. 

Some people like it here. I doubt they’ve ever lived some place else to compare it to. I’m happy for them, honestly. It’s good to like where you live. I know of families who’ve lived around Chicago for generations. I wish I could live where I liked and like where I lived. It must be a great feeling. One day I’ll get out, and find that place for myself as well.

If you like Chicago, try these links: Why I Love Chicago , or you can to Chicagoist , or to Chicago Adventures . They like Chicago too, and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to have you visit. :)



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  1. LSDetroit

    If you have a newer car and get stuck, turn off traction control to get out.

    • Great tip, LS! Thanks! :)

      I was just thinking about stuff like this myself – we must have great minds. :D

      Also for those of us without newer cars, keeping a bag of kitty litter or sand in the trunk will help if you get stuck – you can dump some under your tires. In an emergency, you can also take your floor mats and put them under your tires to help gain traction if you get stuck.

    • Aww, only 6th? Surely we can do better! Can’t we be #1 in ANYthing besides homicide? ;)

      Thanks for the link, Martin! Hope you’re staying warm!

  2. Martin

    Legal settlements from drunk Chicago worker’s accident cost city $16 million


  3. Hello Ness,

    It has been years since I’ve commented here. I’ve actually moved out of the Mid-west and made it to the West to one of the few economic areas that is doing very well in the country.

    I think that the majority of people in Chicago are waking up to their nightmare that is the failing state of Chicago and Illinois in general. I have a bet going with one of my friends, still there, that Chicago is going the way of Detroit and even he, who doesn’t like Chicago, is in denial.

    I wish the best for you and anyone still stuck there. People ask if I will return. The answer is “only if Chicago and Illinois fix their problems but they won’t so I can’t.” It is sad to leave a place you are born and raised in and fear for the future of people still stuck there. I should probably be asking former Detroit residents how they cope.

    I should probably thank Chicago and Illinois in general for the now 20 or so countries I have traveled to. The result of which is Generation Passport– a blog that will not be deleted anytime soon :-)

    • Well hello, GP! I wish I knew what name you used previously so I could greet you properly! You remind me a lot of my friend JR, who also was born and raised here but left to travel around. Last I heard he was still “over yonder”.

      How awesome that you were able to leave and find a place where you can thrive! Proof that it can be done!

      Detroit – oy vey! Now there’s a sad story! And one we are going to be ourselves if we don’t somehow manage to change things here.

      I can’t wait to check out your blog! Sounds exciting! Look for me under my alternate name, Vanessence. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and giving an update, GP. I love stories like yours! Don’t be a stranger.

    • Is IS you!! Oh my gosh, I’m so happy to see you!! *hugshugshugs* You have been on my mind so much lately, I’ve been wondering where you were and how you’ve been, and look at you! Successful, with this kick-ass web site, and is that a wife and baby in that pic?

      I am sooo happy for you, JR! I wish there was some way I could wrap up all my joy for you and send it to you. :) I remember those days when we first met, when it seemed like this time was so far away. You have done well!

      Now I know where you are online I can harass you more successfully, lol. :) I’ve put your blog in my reader, so expect to see me at YOUR place now!

    • LSDetroit

      Metro Detroit is actually booming while the city itself keeps sliding further into decay. Detroit is in a weird situation due to Michigans strong laws against annexation and decades of racial animosity. The city and the suburbs are two completely different worlds. Oakland county, where I currently live is the 3rd wealthiest in the nation, cross 8 mile and it is shit. Because of the Annexation laws, we have cool urban cities like Royal Oak and Ann Arbor just outside city limits. In fact, RO is basically Detroit’s version of Lincoln Park, but with police who will actually respond to 911.

      None of the Engineering firms in Chicagoland pay as well as I can get here and the cost of living is roughly half. I really don’t get the allure of places like Chicago and New York. You pay a fortune for everything and don’t enjoy the same quality of life. I guess its cool if you have a trust fund.

      • OakPark

        LSDetroit, I will disagree with you about NYC. Yes, it is very expensive, but it’s arguably the greatest urban center on earth. Yeah, you’re paying much more for rent than in Detroit, but you’re getting an urban experience second-to-none (and no need for cars). Besides real estate, everything else costs the same as elsewhere in the U.S.

        Chicago, to me, is the worst of both worlds. It has all the hassles and high prices of a big city, but, unlike NYC, you still realistically need a car, the services suck, and it doesn’t have that cosmopolitan urban feel of NYC. And you’re stuck in a part of the country where there isn’t much to do in vicinity. Just IMO, of course.

        You’re right that suburban Detroit is pretty nice. Oakland County has lakes, hills, very green, and nice downtowns in places like Birmingham, Rochester and Royal Oak. I would live in Oakland County,

        • LSDetroit

          Oakpark, I admit I was being unfair about NYC, never lived there just visited. It just seemed similar. For all the stereotypes, never really experienced an asshole New Yorker. Upstate is really beautiful.

  4. I have a couple of links for you! One is pictures of the cold spell we had a couple weeks ago. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/07/frozen-chicago-photos_n_4556767.html

    The other is a post I did on my political blog about the Chicago gun laws.

    And lastly, this one on the concealed carry stuff going on now.

    Stay toasty!

  5. Omi

    Ok, where do I start? Let’s start by actually saying it. Shitcago sucks. Moved here 5 months ago from SF Bay area. I would have never imagined that I would be so ready to leave after only 5 months. I live in the bubble of Lincoln Park- Lakeview East. If I drive about 7 min in any direction, it turns so damned ugly, like I was transported to Eastern Europe or Russia. No offense. Ok, my list:

    - The roads. Fix those millions of potholes in your city streets. It’s horrible to drive here. Everything looks so miserable and 3rd-4th world country… The corroded bridges, roads are not painted and signaled like you see in California. No enough gutters to drain all that precipitation you get all arounds. The inability of park or drive anywhere. No right TURN on red signs for no reason, on deserted streets. the Tow zones on every corner for no obvious reason.

    The people. I’m not working,( by choice) and I have not met one person in all my free time. I’m here with my spouse. He’s been here for 2 years, and he has maybe 3-5 acquaintances here in 2 years!! Not even friends. I’m a very social person, easy on the eye, friendly, but I have not met ONE person since I’ve been here. Also , i just dont get how aggresive people are here. I’ve been insulted and intimidated twice on the streets for absolutely no reason. That has never happened to me in SF. oh, another thing, every time I ride the elevator in my building, people never greet each other, people look down and completely ignore you. I’m tired to acknowledge people and greet them just to hear no response, not even a nod.

    - The weather. You know. how can they build a city where it is so inhospitable? I feel trapped inside the apartment unable to go outside. Despite those condition, I see idiots diehards running on slush, ice pellets, and thru the wind. I just don’t get it. It’s so unsafe to be outside doing any activity that involves movement with those conditions.

    - The racism, the lack of adequate nightlife. there’s spots that stay open until 5am..but people dont go out until 2am. In SF we go out at 10pm and dance until 6am… Anyway, I hate this town, Shitcago, Chiberia. I’m ready to leave. Take me back to a happier more civilized society of SF and California altogether.

    • Kate

      Hi Omi:

      Nice to meet you. I’m Kate. And I moved here with my mom from SF 3 months ago, even shorter time than you. And you’re absolutely right about everything. It’s terrible here. But know that you are not alone and I feel the exact same way.

      I live in Rogers Park right on the Loyola Univ. campus. Everyone said it was a safe area because there is the campus police and Chicago PD. And there were 2 shootings and 3 stabbings on my block in a week. I can’t afford to live in Lincoln Park but even I don’t think that area is all that great because like you said, as soon as you walk a few blocks out that neighborhood, it looks ghetto. It looks worse up where I live. It looks like a run down, abandoned strip mall. There are no pedestrian traffic because of the cold and the crime. Businesses look all closed up and the Dominicks (Safeway) here just closed. So now I really feel in the ghetto. Trader Joes and Whole Foods are nowhere around here. At least you have Trader Joes in Lincoln Park. It’s so ugly. I used to live on Nob Hill in SF, one block from Grace Cathedral. The Telegraph Hill parrots came to my window. You get the point.

      Yes, it’s ugly here and I’ve learned that focusing on your own personal beauty is the best way. Put on that makeup and look as stylish as you can under the bulky winter clothes, gloves, mugger hat, scarves and 10 layers of clothing. You won’t find beauty in the environment here. When I first got here, I started ripping pages out of Vogue and putting the pretty ads up on my wall in my apartment. I couldn’t stand looking at gross things all the time. Also, take care of yourself and don’t get obese like a lot of girls here. it’s cold so people tend to overeat and eat lots of sugars.

      The roads are awful. Go for public transportation. The train is not pretty and the buses are worse but they are reliable and you don’t have to deal with potholes and crazy parking.

      As for friends, well, be very careful with this one. There’s a reason why you haven’t met anyone here even though I’m sure you’re sociable and friendly. People are crazy here, driven crazy by the cold, the crime, the poverty. You name it. And people here can be very morally bankrupt. And they are assuming you are just like them. So better you don’t meet people here. I know, that sounds bad. In SF, when people invited me out socially, it was just that. I’ve been invited out a lot here and each and every single time, they had some hidden agenda. Like a lunch turns out to be some pyramid scheme pitch or some sales pitch.

      Learn to love being in the apartment. Decorate the hell out of it. Make it look like it could be photographed for a Target commercial or Town & Country. Because you will spend a lot of time in it. I’ve been so trapped in my apartment this winter. I know exactly what you’re feeling, but it’s better than being outside. You’ll freeze to death.

      As for the idiots running out there. I know. I’m a nurse and my clinic opens even during a snowstorm. Guess what? Everyone cancels. But the business operators still open. My bosses made me come in during subzero temps. Why? Because unless you are uber-wealthy, people need that extra buck to survive. People need that extra dollar to buy bread and milk. So they go out in that terrible dangerous weather condition just to get that paycheck that day. It’s not like California. People are crazy tough here because the city is that bad.

      Don’t get me started about the racism. A couple of Loyola students told me and my mom to go back to Chinatown the other day. My HMO automatically put me in the Chinatown hospital network because I checked the “Asian” box. You get the point.

      As for the nightlife, don’t be out at 10PM. Actually, don’t be out when it get dark. If you don’t have to, don’t be out at all. A lot of the crazy shootings, even in the nice areas, happen at night. Forget the nightlife. Who wants to party and make their way home during a snowstorm with -17 degrees outside? Be smart. Be pretty. Be safe.

      You can always reach on this website. Lots of people like you and me.

    • MN

      Wow! You nailed it. Lets grab coffee..

    • Hi Omi! I’m so hoping you can get together with Kate! I think both of you would get along so well!

      As a SF transplant myself, I know of what you speak. It was many years ago for me though, and a lot has changed out there since I left. It was actually sort of friendly when I got here. The last several years, this place has become almost hostile, for some reason I can’t figure out. All the nicer folks managed to leave, perhaps? LOL Well, I’m still here, ha! ;)

      It does take time to get used to a new city, there are so many changes! Especially for people like us who’ve come from different parts of the country, entirely. Try to be patient and I’m hopeful things will turn around for you soon. You seem friendly and open, and surely there must be others out there looking for new friends. Like Kate! That’s a start, right? I’ve spoken with her and she’s a sweetheart. There are others around here who feel as you do – just keep reaching out. :)

      Keep in touch and let me know how you’re managing. Stay bundled up during the winter! I know it’s cold like you’ve never seen before, but this winter is unusually bad, so don’t think it’s like this every year.

      Hang in there hon, you can do this!

    • LSDetroit

      Totally agree with you, For some reason it is nearly impossible to make new friends in Chicago. People will look at you weird for saying “Good Morning” in the elevator. I think it has to do with the fact that most strangers who talk to you in the city want something from you, either direct panhandling or running a scam, which makes people cold. Generally, it is not a good representation of the midwest.

  6. Kate

    Anyone know of good ways of dealing with wanting to run to O’Hare and buying the first available ticket out of town? I’m so sick of the crazy arctic cold. My work place has shut down for Monday and Tuesday and I’m not relishing the idea of being trapped in my house for 2 more days. I’m going stir crazy in my apartment. I’ve never lived in a worse city in my life. I’m literally going nuts at home.

    • Heh, that must be why drinking is such a popular sport around here!

      Well, since you can’t leave … what about something like Pinterest. Lovely views of lovely places without leaving home. Or … do you do any kind of crafting? Like crochet or knitting? You can order online from places like JoAnns, or maybe even Michaels and they’d deliver to you. Hobby Lobby might too.

      If you like to read you can get the free Kindle app for your phone, tablet, or computer and check out some of the thousands of free books.

      If there’s a library near you, they might offer some classes or projects in something, or even part time work.

      There must be something out there to keep you from going crazy! And always remember, this too shall pass. Winter does not last forever. Promise!

    • 92?! That is just so sad. We really need to get government off the necks of businesses, so they’ll be able to hire more people. And we really need to encourage our younger generation to value hard work.

      My pleasure for the badge! Always support you, my friend. *hugs*

  7. Martin

    Hi Ness:
    I was just wondering if you might be willing to share some ideas regarding what Chicago, or Illinois, needs to do to turn things around financially? Thanks…

    • Hey Martin. :)

      Well, first of all, I think there needs to be a clean sweep in all levels of government here. The corruption is so thick. We need to get some really fiscally responsible people in, people who believe in cutting spending and NOT raising taxes. That would be a good start, in my opinion. Which means we, as voters, need to educate ourselves on the candidates.

      How about you, Martin? Do you have some thoughts on this?

  8. 15 Things Chicagoans Have That You Don’t.

    Feeling lucky yet?  LOL

    The BEAN! We will never escape THE BEAN!!

  9. Illinois ‘Refugees’ in North Dakota: Illinois — Land of Leavin’ : Generation Passport.

    Here’s a great article, and a great website, by my friend JR.  You should know, JR was a frequent commentor here on my blog post, was born and raised here in Chicagoland, and was able to make it out a few years ago.  Go check out his site and give him some love!


  10. Illinois versus Oklahoma.

    A truly fascinating and eye-opening read.  Martin, you might be especially interested in this.  :)


    • Martin

      I’m not defending Illinois or Chicago here, but I will say that when republicans give rich corporations billions of tax payer’s dollars to move from states run by democrats, that is fraud, not capitalism but State Cannibalism. It promotes downward mobility as it often promises lower wages, fewer benefits and no unions. As these republicans win more lowly paying jobs, Americans suffer. Then these republicans lower environmental standards (Toxic spills then happen), lower work place safety (Texas factory blows up killing workers) and they offer this GOP slop to foreign companies (GOPer’s are economic traitors) who compete against companies in states run by Dem.’s too. Instead of competing with the World, GOP’s attack American states run by democrats and the Dem.’s don’t seem to realize the GOP’s are at war and are vigorously promoting downward mobility in both financial and educational arenas. This is all bad for America as a whole as those overseas look at us and say, “my God, they eat their own.

      • I agree. The real problem though is inflation and manufacturing cities like Chicago who have long since lost their manufacturing base to other countries. Now some states try to steal the remaining goodies from states that are a pain-in-the ass to live in (ie Illinois, Michigan) And that is why I live above oil, because you cant outsource it. Keep filling your tanks everyone ;-)

      • Okay, we’re going to tangle over this one, Martin. In a friendly way, of course. :)

        Republicans aren’t “cannibalizing” other states. Businesses don’t “belong” to a state, they belong to the people who own them – people like you and me, and sometimes stockholders, too. If a state wants a business to move there, they need to offer some powerful incentives, because moving a business is a MAJOR pain in the butt and frankly, no business wants to go through that headache without a doggone good reason.

        Why is it that you blame some states or groups (ie TX and Repubs) for enticing businesses, but you don’t blame other states or groups (ie IL or MI or Dems) for making the business climate so terrible that they’re willing to suffer in the short term just to leave? YOU want to get the hell out of IL, and you don’t blame yourself for that, but you think it’s wrong for a business to feel the same way? I call double standard on you there, Martin.

        All those things you accuse Repubs of being guilty of, are really unfair and untrue. It makes zero sense. If those things were true, they’d be bad for business and no business wants to jeopardize itself like that. We in the GOP are not “promoting downward mobility.” No community, city, county, state, country has ever, EVER taxed itself into prosperity. People needs jobs to make money. Conservatives want there to be jobs. Libs just want to tax those who are working, but not provide a good business climate for those jobs to exist. Once all the jobs are gone, who is going to pay the taxes that the non-working are sponging off of?

        And if the people overseas were truly saying that, they wouldn’t be trying to come here.

      • LSDetroit

        While I agree somewhat, Chicago and Cook County are extremely shady and not at all business friendly. Bribery and corruption are a cost of doing business there. This corruption trickles down into the workforce as well. The UAW in Chicago is a negative stereotype and is nothing like the UAW in Detroit. You can’t blame corporations for leaving the state or simply moving to neighboring counties. The dems are also guilty of doing this, United is still at O’Hare after all.

  11. Martin

    “10 States With the Fastest Job Growth (and 10 With the Worst)”


    Illinois is second worst in the country for job growth.

    • #1 is where I moved. It cold, but the poor man makes 18 dollars an hour here.

      • Dang good money, my friend. You’ve done well!

        Hear that, everyone? Jobs, money, in N. Dakota! And they need women, too. Hurry!

    • Thanks for that link, Martin. You’re so good about things like that. :)

      Yes, IL is way down on the bottom of the jobs list. Mostly it’s the corrupted political climate responsible for that. Plus, when you factor in pretty much a century of progressive political policies, well, we’re reaping what we’ve sown, now.

  12. Martin

    “FBI Surveillance Video Captures Alleged Torture Chamber”

    Federal prosecutors played a chilling set of videotapes Friday taken from inside an alleged torture chamber at the trial of a former Chicago police officer.

    Steven Mandell, 62, is accused of plotting to abduct and extort money from businessman Steve Campbell.

    The FBI surveillance tapes were recorded by a secret camera inside a fake business at 5803 West Devon Ave.

    On the tapes, Mandell and his alleged accomplice Gary Engel discuss everything from how a fake warrant would be worded, to the kinds of bags that would be used to collect Campbell’s personal belongings.

    Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/FBI-Surveillance-Video-Captures-Alleged-Torture-Chamber–245585931.html#ixzz2tLHUVbYi


    • Good Lord! How awful! And of course, it has to be a Chicago Cop. It’s no surprise why they have such a bad reputation, and for whatever good ones there might be out there, guys like this just make it harder for them.

      • LSDetroit

        My first experience with a Chicago cop was being told to “fuck off” when I asked him where the nearest red line stop was while scouting for an apartment.

        My second and last was 4 hours after calling 911 when my place was burglarized. He was more concerned about a Butcher knife I had lying out on a counter, because I shouldn’t be armed at all if an intruder might still be present.

  13. LSDetroit

    The main reason you are seeing manufacturing leaving the Midwest for the South and Mexico has to do with the Unions. Personally, I’ve found the UAW remaining in Michigan to be standup guys but my experiences with Navistar in Chicago were a nightmare. We had laborers making $80k/year who wouldn’t lift a finger to help out or even do their job. As an Engineer I found myself repeatedly getting into trouble with the Union for performing minor physical tasks such as splice a damaged wire or carrying Engine Controllers from my office to the test cells in the back.

    • Michigan and Illinois are doing something similar that is driving people out.

    • The UAW is one of the main reasons why the economy in Detroit has tanked so bad, as well as in the Steel industry, too. Did you know some of those UAW people were getting $30 an hour to sit in the break room not doing a doggone thing? No wonder the price of American cars is so flipping high! And who wants to pay that kind of money for a lesser quality vehicle? I blame the UAW for destroying our auto industry. We had some kick-ass cars.

      • LSDetroit

        The city government of Detroit has nothing to blame but itself. Otherwise, the metro is booming for the first time in my lifetime, and the only UAW assholes I met lived in Chicago.

        • Well yes, that’s a given. :)

          I think Detroit needs a big dose of someone like Gov Walker of WI. I bet that would shake things up, lol!

          Glad to hear the metro area is booming. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard good news like that coming out of Detroit. Nice to have an eyewitness. :)

  14. Martin

    It’s really sad how the fashion, art, music, film, and the general entertainment “people” based heavily on the “Coasts” tend to completely ignore Chicago. And no, Arsenio Hall, Oprah Winfrey, and Dan Akroyd don’t count for anything. Chicago is in it’s own world when it comes to art, musics, film, etc…. And no one outside of Chicago cares about our Chit-town World.

    • Belmont100

      Arsenio is based in LA. Oprah live sin Santa Barbara, her production company is in Hollywood, and her network is in NYC. Dan Akroyd lives in LA.

      Long story short, you have to leave Chicago to make it in the entertainment world.

      • Hi Belmont. :)

        Like you said, most famous Chicagoans are generally “from” here, they don’t live here. Oprah did for a bit. She moved here in the early 80s to do a morning AM show, then got her own show which was only local for a time. I remember when she went national. Not long after, of course, the homes in other parts of the country. Just heard that at least part of her Chicago studio is for sale.

        Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hey Martin. :)

      Yeah, Chicago likes to think it’s in a class by itself, doesn’t it? LOL

  15. Martin

    I’ve lived in different parts of the country, but I’m not very well traveled in the US overall; I’ve never lived in NY or LA for that matter. But in the four years I’ve been living in Chicago, it’s become blatantly obvious to me that every “friend” I make here has a hidden agenda for being “friends”: Complete users, liars, back stabbers, thieves, takers….. I’ve never experienced such cold hearted dishonesty when it comes to friendships in Chicago. What’s the deal? Am I imaging this? Are people in LA bigger users than Chicago “friends”? Because that’s what I keep being told about LA. Any input here from people that have been around more than me?

    • Kate

      Hey Martin;

      I’m from SF, but I’ve been to NY and LA many a times. And now of course, I’m here. People in California are not worse; they are just more upfront about their awfulness. You’ll see it coming right away. They wear their awfulness on their face. They are in-your-face users. Same with NY. It’s blatant. But here in Chicago, I’ve noticed that people seem nicer, but you scratch the surface, and they are crazy weird in some totally off way. I think it’s worse because it’s insidious instead of obvious. People are users backstabbers, etc. or just plain crazy and bad, but it takes you longer to find out here. And no one here seems to want to hang out because they are running some weird crap on the side. Not good. I’d rather be in California, you can see the crazies coming. Hope that helps.


      • Hahaha, Kate! You describe most of the people I called relatives! I called my father’s side the back-stabbers, and my mother’s side the front-stabbers, lol.

    • You know, Martin, I’ve heard that too. Now, I confess, it’s been a long time since I was in a place for making new friends. Back in the day, and I’m talking high school here but you know, people really don’t change all THAT much, it seemed like there were maybe 3 types. The “clique” types, who expected you to be their clone and would shun you if you weren’t, the user types who were only interested in what you could do for them, and the genuinely nice types who really were looking for a friend. Sadly, that last group was smallest.

      What I mean is, the way you describe people now, is pretty much the same way I would have described them then. People are pretty much set in their ways from the time they’re kids. I’d never experienced the clique thing until I moved to NY, and then here. It did kind of freak me out.

      But, I have made some friends here. Enemies too, of course, but I have made friends. They are out there. :) (and I’d be willing to bet a lot of them are right here. :) )

  16. Hi guys!

    You know, it comes to my mind that I sometimes save articles to share with you, but I might not be able to get it posted as timely as I’d like. I save them in an online notebook, called Springpad. I thought if I made it public, and then shared the link here, then you could go look if you wanted. If not, no big, but it’s there if you’re interested. :) I hope this works!


    View the DarcsFalcon notebook on Springpad

    • Martin

      Hey Ness,
      I really respect your Chicago expertise but I do not consider FOX a credible source of information. It’s not a liberal vs. conservative thing, it’s just that FOX news isn’t trustworthy. There are so many better sources for conservative viewpoints, and I see you do utilize more credible sources. Anyway, just had to type that.

  17. Has someone brought up the drug and alcohol problem in Chicago and the area? There has got to be some statistics on it. I’m not saying it is better or worse than anywhere else, but it seems to be a major problem there, maybe an American problem. Had someone overdose in my childhood home before my parents bought it and just had a neighbor die down there. Lucky I missed that landmine of Chicago bleakness.

  18. Oh and I live on the border with Canada now. Cold place, but it is nice to be able to get out of America for the weekend. I’m watching the sinking ship of Illinois via http://illinoispolicy.org everyone should read Illinois Policy Institute’s blog.

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