Proof that Chicago Sucks

Aw, Chicago got it’s panties in a knot this morning, because of this article.

Well, Forbes didn’t say anything I haven’t been saying for years.

Nice to have you in the club, Forbes.

Anyone else care to join?

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69 thoughts on “Proof that Chicago Sucks

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  1. john

    chicago is one big hill billy cow town.
    its unsophisticated overall

    Well … yeah! LOL


    • David Digby

      I lived there back in 1997 for six years at Hermitage and Irving park. I cant believe that place still sucks! lol. UGH! I am so frickin glad I moved away! :/


      • Hi David. 🙂

        Seems pretty much like anyone who’s lived here and moved away to tell the tale is very glad about it!
        Congratulations to you for being able to move. 🙂


  2. moho81

    I’m probably late to this party, but I have to agree that Chicago sucks, and I can’t wait until the day I move back west! I don’t care if my city of choice, Denver, is “small potatoes” in comparison, but at least the scenery is better, the people are nicer and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to live there!

    Can’t be late to a never-ending party! 😉 Welcome!

    Denver is absolutely prettier than Chicago, by far! I’ve been there and those mountains are breathtaking.

    I think Denver can live up to “the hype” surrounding it, know what I mean? Denver can say, “We have great mountain views,” and follow through on that promise. Chicago can’t follow through on its promises, and that’s the difference.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting Mo, I wish you well on your journey back home. 🙂


  3. chicagoblows

    fuck chicago, i have been here 2 weeks and already see so many flaws:
    -obama here and so many police on cta at night
    -obama leaves no cops on cta
    -girls gettin stabbed for their cell phones at garfield station
    -dangerous and all fucked up south side
    -no rights to carry in chicago, and police force which can’t remotely control the crime, cops either can handle the crime or let me carry, wtf i gotta be a sitting duck for, the annoying thing is that they are not tough on criminals when they catch them like in az or tx.
    -shitty public trans, no main station where all metras and cta lines come in, stupid to have ogilvie than union station etc
    -people are uptight with others of a different ethnicity
    -above ground cta stations, wtf?
    -nothing on new york or cali in terms of entertainment and nightlife
    -roads all fucked up with potholes fucking up my car

    Well, welcome, ChicagoBlows. I know just how you feel! All those things you mentioned are spot on, especially the one about the right to carry laws. Did you know IL is the ONLY state in the union that has unconstitutionally blocked our right to carry?

    These things you saw, those are the things I wish we could get the people who live here to see. 🙂

    I don’t know if you’re just passing through Chicago or if you’ve moved here, but whatever the reason, I do thank you for stopping by and commenting here. 🙂


  4. Fantastic.
    Thanks for your thoughts on the content Proof that
    Chicago Sucks | The “Ness” in DarcNess ;).
    They seem to be genuinely important!! I really enjoyed checking out your write up.


  5. Chicago Native 4444

    As a native, I would have to say I am glad to have left that awful place. I hate it more than any place I have ever been.


    • How interesting to hear a native say that! Few do, and I know of only 1 other. I’m happy you were able to get out, Native! May I ask where you landed?


    • I agree. It does have an amazing street shopping area (North Michigan) but this is a far as it goes. All of the good amenities are north. Nasty Public Transit (El Trains) Too many ghetto neighborhoods. Too Big and spread out.. (guess this can’t be helped) but not for me ….. I have lived in several cities in the US and still don’t ever have a desire to return to Chicago to live ….Ever


      • Hi Bee!

        Oh I totally agree! Once you’ve been someplace else, there really is no real desire to live in or around Chicago. It’s simply not all the locals try to crack it up to be. And once you get out, you see that.

        Much success to you in your move! Please come back and tell about it. ~Ness


  6. Acer21

    Some people from Chicago seem to disrespect “nice” people…? Why is that? And, when those people who feel that way, who happen to be from Chicago, visit other places, they bring that sh!##y attitude with them. Please help me understand this. Why would someone want to be like this, or want others to not be nice, etc…?


    • Hi Acer. 🙂

      You know, that’s something that a few people have commented on, especially over on the Why I Think Chicago Sucks post.

      I can’t even begin to comprehend why people would be like that, but I know they are. And I know they’re even of the proud side of it, too. Since when is being a jerk, or screwing someone over, a thing to brag about?! Time was people were shamed for behaving that way.

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you again. 🙂


  7. Nathan

    I have lived here since September 2013 and am gladly planning my escape for next year. Never in my life have I encountered such nasty, rude people. It’s been disappointing, because everyone I talked to before moving here said things like, “Ahh, people in Chicago are so nice and midwestern.” I feel like the people here are colder than the winters. People either walk with their noses straight up in the air or straight down at the sidewalk. Heaven forbid you accidentally make eye contact with someone or utter a polite phrase like, “please,” “thank you,” or “excuse me.” In the short time I’ve been here, I already feel like I’m already getting more cynical. No thank you. I can’t wait to move back west where people aren’t so uptight. Not to mention the terrible weather, out of control violence, overt racism, broken government, constantly rising taxes (seriously, a bottled water tax)? This place is like a pressure cooker waiting to blow and I don’t want to be here when it does.


    • Hi Nathan! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      How lucky you are, to only have to endure for 3 years! I used to hear that, too, that Chicago people were so friendly. While it’€™s true that you will find some genuinely kind ones -€“ and I have -€“ as a whole the people here seem to be pretty hostile, especially to those unfamiliar with the area.

      You think a bottled water tax is bad? You should check out the Navy Pier tax and the amusement tax! Sheesh! I joke that pretty soon there’€™ll be a breathing tax, but I’€™m afraid the city government might take it as a challenge.

      Good luck on your future move! Be sure to let us know how things go for you.


  8. I was born and raised there and could not wait to move away to college even during my senior year in high school… The only reason I have to travel back there is because my parents are there.

    The el train is REALLY NASTY (especially the red line going south to 95th street). Ness…. I hope you get a job and move from there too. There are plenty of other cities to live in in the US or overseas if you can make it happen for yourself.

    I moved to Minneapolis a few months ago (for work) and hate it here too. Plus many poor people from Chicago are living here to remind me how much I hate Chicago.

    I am out of here next year back to the east coast.


    • Hi Bee! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting here.

      Yes, I sure know about other cities! I was born and raised on the West coast, lived a few months on the East coast, and then ended up here, through no fault of my own. The only place I haven’t lived is the South.

      The hard thing about jobs is most companies don’t want to hire non-local people, so they won’t even talk to someone out of state. We tried that already.

      Someday, some way, it’ll happen for us. In the meantime, we make the most with what we have, right?

      Hope to see you again! ~Ness


  9. After 28 years of living there, Chicago, – The City of Broad Shoulders and Narrow Minds, that raw, graffito-scrawled morgue slab of a city – and I had come to the end of our codependent relationship. How best to sum-up my hometown? A poverty of imagination and a wealth of proudly displayed ignorance was the lingua franca of its mean streets. When their televisions and cheap lager weren’t numbing their moral outrage, Chicagoans kept their sphincters clenched so tight that it cut off the blood supply to their brains and hearts. Behind the empty bravado of their Woikin’-Class, Fuck-You Attitude lay a constipated reservoir of insecurities they were desperate to cover up. A classic case of an illusion of strength maintained through a weakness of character.

    Every Thanksgiving the cops joked about scraping off the corpses of the homeless that had frozen onto Lower Wacker Drive. Every St. Patrick’s Day the Chicago River would be dyed shamrock green and the bar floors stained blood red. If H. H. Holmes, John Wayne Gacy and Richard Speck were our poster boys, then Boss Richard Daley was our corpulent, corrupt patron saint. Although Chicago invented the modern serial killer it didn’t create ward politics. It continues to breed the former while being the last city in America to abandon the latter. Whether in a crawl space in Berwyn making room for a new arrival or in City Hall figuring out where the bodies are buried, Chicago’s peculiar brand of psychopathology has a way of making its presence felt at all levels of civic life. Even walking the streets becomes an experiment in terror. Chicago’s the only town where the taxi cabs speed up at pedestrian crosswalks when the traffic light is not in their favor just to watch the people scatter and run. That chill you just felt wasn’t from the wind off the lake – it was from the denizens.

    Windy City, indeed.


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