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Weird Search Terms

I had one!  My husband posts rather frequently on weird search terms that led to his blog, but I had one of my own today and I had to tell you about it.  Ready?  Here it is: "fetish lady vanessa".

Can you believe that?  I was ROFLMAO!  Too funny!  My question is, were they looking for me specifically, or is there more than one?  ;)  Well, whoever you are, here’s a song for you and your fetish partner.  Enjoy!  And thanks for the giggle! 

My most popular search term of the day (and yesterday too!) is "chicago sucks", which leads me to believe there is more than one person who feels as I do.  Please say hello!  I’d love to chat with you! 

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Showing some Love

For some sweet ladies in my life, who have been gentle with me this past week.  Sherri, and Raquita.  I know you are both fans of the ‘Boys, and I know you both use FireFox.  So, here ya go.  Hope you like!  A little something to get you through the off season.

And Stranger, you were gentle with me too, and I looked and looked for a Colts theme for you but couldn’t find any for FireFox.  I did though, find some Colts wallpaper for you.  Thank you from my heart for being such a sweetie. 

Raga?  Colts or ‘Boys hon?  Thanks for the hugs.

Love and Hugs to all of you, thank you for being a part of my life.  🙂


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Another Review

I think I’m in love … add-on love that is, don’t get all dirty on me!  As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been playing all day, checking out the many extensions that FireFox has.  And I found one that I think is going to totally rule.  It’s called WebMail Notifier. 

The thing that’s so cool about it is that it will check all your email accounts for you.  It supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and several others that I’ve never heard of.  Plus you can make your own scripts for other email accounts that it doesn’t support. 

Once you install it, a simple right-click on the icon in the status bar will open the preferences and you’re off and running.  You may not be like me, with several Yahoo accounts, Hotmail accounts, and even a Gmail account, but trust me, having to sign in to them one at a time can be a bit of a pain.  Fortunately, all my hotmail accounts are grandfathered in to Outlook Express – and I don’t think Express allows the formation of new hotmail accounts – so it’s been nice to have all my hotmail accounts in one place.  However, Express can be a fairly big resource hog, especially since I keep it open all the time.  But Yahoo has nothing like Express, so each account has to be signed in to, then out of one – at – a – time.  I found a Yahoo mail checker for FireFox, and also a Gmail checker, but Webmail checks them ALL.  At the SAME time!  Woo! 

When you right click on the icon, once you’ve set your preferences, it will show you which accounts have email and which ones don’t.  You can choose how often you want your mail checked, if you want a visual or auditory alert – or none at all, and if you want your mail opened in a new tab or new window.  How sweet is that?  Try it, and let me know what you think!  I’d also love to hear from you if you’re already a user!  🙂

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WordPress Sidebar Review

Um, yeah, I’ve sort of been playing today. I know that FireFox has a lot of cool add-ons, so I thought I’d check them out. I love FireFox, and it’s really a shame that I don’t get paid to promote them, because I could probably make a ton of money.
Anyway, I downloaded an extension called "WordPress Sidebar".

I just wanted to check it out. I will (probably) never abandon my Windows Live Writer, because it really does rock. But perhaps, if I want to blog on the fly – maybe I saw an interesting web site or something – I may be able to use this WP Sidebar thing. So far it looks pretty neat. It opens in the sidebar of your FireFox browser, naturally. 😉 Right off, one thing I really like is that it lists the short version of your blog stats right there, for all your WP pages. (I have 3). So I can see the stats for all my pages without having to switch back and forth through the WP dashboards.  Woo! 

I see a place to insert tags, but not categories. I also see a tab that will let me add a bookmark to my WP blogroll, and since it’s on the sidebar, I don’t have to hop back and forth copying and pasting the URL. I probably won’t like that I can’t seem to change the font size in this "mini" version – I’ll likely have to open the post in WLW later to adjust that. But for drive-by posting, it just might be a nice little feature to have. :) 

Also, it seems you can’t hyperlink with a right-click in the little posting window either. That might suck. But I can copy a URL, and then Ctrl-V it into place. No idea about images – there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that with this little program. Like I said, it seems to be just a utility for quick-post kinds of things, when you don’t need all the features of Windows Live Writer.

Anyone else use WordPress Sidebar? What are your thoughts on it?

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