Why I think Chicago sucks

So, you’ve just Googled “Chicago sucks” or clicked the WordPress tags link “Chicago sucks” and you find yourself here. (It’s extremely unlikely you got here with any other search term.) Or, possibly, you clicked a link from City Data or Windy Citizen.  Now what?

Please allow me to give you a little friendly advice. If you actually love Chicago and were only Googling “Chicago sucks” for the giggles, please keep moving, find another blog. You WON’T like what you read here. Please don’t comment, because this is NOT a debate site, it’s a commiseration site for people who feel the same.

It’s also NOT a public forum, it’s a post on my personal blog, so 1st Amendment rights do not apply to you here. I don’t allow flames, or name calling – such comments are deleted. I’m also not particularly indulgent when people think they need to “defend Chicago” or “offer a rebuttal” to my opinion of Chicago. First of all, Chicago doesn’t need you to defend it; secondly, you can’t say anything that anyone here hasn’t heard thousands of times already; and thirdly, I don’t need a “rebuttal” because I AM the rebuttal to the starry-eyed “Chicago is the greatest city in the world!” attitude.

Still have something to say? Here, go to www.wordpress.com and get your own blog.

For the record:

  • No, I haven’t dedicated an entire blog to Chicago sucking.
  • No, this is not all I think about. This is but one post out of more than a thousand on my blog.
  • No, these are not the only comments on this post. The comment thread got so huge I had to move them to another page in an attempt to shorten the length here, so add about 1500 to the total you see here. (Prior to WordPress changing their comments format)
  • No, I’m not a native Chicagoan.
  • Yes, I live in Chicagoland.
  • Yes, I’ve lived here for decades.
  • Yes, I’ve lived in other cities around the country.
  • Yes, I’d love to move.
  • No, circumstances don’t permit that right now.
  • Why, is really none of your business.
  • It’s enough that if I could move, I would.
  • But since I’m currently stuck here, and a tax-paying citizen here, I AM free to express my opinion with the state of things here, since I’M paying for it.
  • Don’t like that? Then move along, nothing for you to see here.
  • Yes, we know Chicago has bars, museums, restaurants, parades, the El, and a big, shiny bean.
  • No, those are not the things we particularly care about.

Yes, we know other cities have problems too, but we don’t live in other cities, we live here, and are concerned about issues here. It’s not enough to say “It’s not as bad as Cleveland, or Detroit,” when the reality is, why aren’t we as good as Houston or Salt Lake City? They have lower taxes, lower unemployment, lower crime. Why do Chicagoans settle for less, and apparently like it?  Why are they, in fact, proud of it? 

So, you want to say, “Get the f*ck out if you don’t like it here!” as though (a) I didn’t think of that and (b) I’ve never heard that before?

Here’s a thought for all of you who say that to me – How about YOU leave so we can fix the place up and make it so it doesn’t suck? Just sayin’.

If, on the other hand, you don’t care too much for Chicago either, and need a place to vent your frustration, want a group of like-minded people to share your thoughts with, then by all means, scroll down and say hello. 🙂



If you’ve come here to argue with me, be rude, hostile, or a smartass, please don’t bother. You’re never going to change how I feel about a place, or undo what I’ve dealt with.

And please don’t make the mistake that I am a miserable person and “so unhappy.”  FORBES called CHICAGO a miserable city, it did not say I am a miserable person.  Are we clear on this now?  Plus, it’s not like you care whether or not I’m happy, so it’s okay for you to ditch the “if you’re so unhappy you should just leave!” lines.

How about this – if you’re so unhappy with my post, you should just move on to another blog. 

If you want to love on Chicago, I’m more than happy to point you to www.wordpress.com , where you can get your own blog and praise Chicago to the skies. No hard feelings. 😀


(The original post from Feb. 2008 , in its entirety, follows.)

Recently I did a little post called, " Proof That Chicago Sucks ." It has turned out to be one of my most popular posts, and I get daily searches for the phrase "Chicago sucks" in my search engine terms. So I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to the subject, with my reasons for disliking Chicago, and not simply Forbes reasons for listing it in the Top 10 Most Miserable US cities.


The unemployment rate is higher than the national average. I can speak from personal experience that this is especially true in the tech industry. And even if you can get a job, the pay rate will be below national average.

Housing sales are down more than 22% since the same time period last year. The average home price is close to $260,000. And property taxes are through the roof. (Pun intended!) Can’t afford a house? Plan on paying at least $1000 to rent a half-way decent apartment.

The commute time is horrible, on roads that are more pothole and patchwork than actual road. Plan on an hour, each way, just to get to work and back.

The weather is terrible. A local joke is that Chicago has 2 seasons – winter and road work. Um, it’s not a joke and it’s not funny. I have calculated that temperatures can vary as much as 200°. I have seen -80° wind-chills in winter, and 120° heat indices in summer. Often it is colder here than in Alaska.

Jackets? You like jackets? Good, because you’ll need at least 6. One to wear to and from the car, one to wear in the car, one to wear inside, one for fall days, one for fall nights, and one for rainy days. See, if you get one heavy enough for outside wear, it’s too bulky to wear in the car, but your car’s not warm enough to ditch the coat entirely – you still need something to stay warm. The weather varies so widely that you need a coat, jacket, or sweater for every 10° variance.

In the summer, the heat and humidity can be so stifling that it’s almost difficult to breathe. It’s no surprise that Chicago has one of the highest asthma rates in the nation.

How hot is it? In 1995, it was so hot that nearly 600 people died in less than a week from heat related causes.

Spring? Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Autumn’s not a whole lot different.

The City That Works? ROFLMAO Yeah. I remember when this story about sleeping on the job hit the air. Pictures and video of sleeping city workers were all over the news. Officials leave work early, if they deign to show up at all. They put friends and relatives on the payroll. No, they don’t give them jobs, just put them on the payroll.

Government corruption in Chicago, and the Illinois state government? Notorious. One of our former governors is sitting in prison right now for his role in this truck license scam that cost a family 6 of their children.

Taxes? Chicago has one of the highest tax rates in the country. (And it’s gone up since the linked article was written.) Someone has to pay for all those relatives and friends on city payrolls.

It seems like everything costs more here, from milk to gasoline. Utility rates are sky high. Take natural gas, for instance: one year I lived in a place that had electric heat. The years before and after I had gas heat. During that one year with electric heat, gas prices had doubled. Before, I paid about $75 to heat my house. The year after? About $150. Bigger house? No. I checked the bill – the rates were 100% higher. And that was 10 years ago.

People think the food here is wonderful. I suspect the only people who feel that way are the people who have lived here all their lives, and never eaten anywhere else. Chicago pizza isn’t all that hot. It’s more sauce than cheese, and sausage seems to be the topping of choice around here. Saucy sausage on dough. Does that sound appetizing to you?

And did you know, it’s offensive to put ketchup on a Chicago Style hot dog ? I kid you not: "It is taboo to put ketchup on a Chicago hot dog; there are actually some hot dog shops and stands that will refuse to provide service if the customer makes the request." They aren’t kidding – I’ve been to such places. "We don’ got no catch up heeah. You ain’t from Shikahga, air ya?" No. No I’m not. (Yes, folks actually speak like Dennis Franz around here. He’s from Chicago, not New York. The "accent" he has is native to here.)

I would love to get out, but it’s like living in a black hole.

There’s some sort of weird arrogance in Chicago too, at least on the news. Everything has to have some kind of Chicago connection. When the September 11 attacks happened, I expected my local news to carry the story of what was happening across the nation – New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. Nothing was happening here, the big news was elsewhere. What was the news about? The Sears Tower and how it might possibly may have maybe at some point thought to have been we think on the speculated we assume target list. Oh and by the way, some planes made the World Trade Center collapse. But they were headed to Chicago! It was nauseating.

Those are a few of my reasons. I have more, but I think this is enough for a post. No doubt you’d say, "More than!" LoL 🙂 That’s why I hope someone who’s searched for "Chicago sucks" comments here. Hey, we’re in one of the Top 10 Most Miserable cities! Let’s chat! Tell me why you think it sucks here. 

Some people like it here. I doubt they’ve ever lived some place else to compare it to. I’m happy for them, honestly. It’s good to like where you live. I know of families who’ve lived around Chicago for generations. I wish I could live where I liked and like where I lived. It must be a great feeling. One day I’ll get out, and find that place for myself as well.

If you like Chicago, try these links: Why I Love Chicago , or you can to Chicagoist , or to Chicago Adventures . They like Chicago too, and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to have you visit. 🙂



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  1. Chicago Racism

    I’ve not lived in the Chicago area for 20 years. I recently was there to visit because my mother had a cardiac arrest and was surviving. I’m aware of the recent and persistent racial tensions in Chicago. Driving on the northwest side from a hospital to get on the Kennedy, I was subjected to the rage of a black driver who threatened to kill me. He explicitly stated that he would do so right in front of a police station that was directly adjacent to us. Along with screaming a number of curses all laced with White hatred. He had no idea who I was, or why I was driving on this street. He had no idea that I fight against racisim. I realize he was an individual and not speaking for his race. Yet at the same time, its clear that Blacks being racist in Chicago who will randomly attack and blow up at anyone just because they are White are only going to escalate the tension and polarity. After decades of working against racism, this incident left me feeling like it’s hopeless.
    After living away from Chicago for 2 decades, I’ve come to realize that Chicago has a very ugly disturbingly violent underbelly that is never going to go away. For all of the good and wonderful things that are in Chicago, this ugly volatile violent corrupt side makes it such that I never want to set foot there again. Chicago is a hellhole with lipstick. From the crooked politicians, to the cultivation of sociopaths and raging racists it’s goose is cooked. Chicago is a rabid dog that should be put down


  2. Steve



  3. Steve

    Detroit has hit rock bottom, acknowledged it, and is on it’s way up. Chicago has sucked and continues to suck. I’m glad I’m not from the neighborhoods, the politics, the gangs, the residents, any of it. You can have it. Vive la Detroit. BTW…stay away from my state of Michigan if you want to make trouble (meaning most of Chicago, Il.) We’ve had our fill, believe me!!!


  4. I haaaaaaaaaaate Chicago as well. This city makes me feel so completely and utterly miserable. Good post!

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  5. Martin

    The last moments of a doomed Chicago bartender who died in the street as more than a dozen people walked by have been revealed in shocking surveillance video.




  6. Janis

    This blog really speaks to me,

    For a while, I honestly thought I was crazy. All I would hear from people is “I can’t imagine living anywhere other than Chicago”. Or, “This is the greatest city in the world.” I’ve read just about everyone’s response on this blog and I can relate to most of what everyone mentioned.

    The crime, the high cost of living, the general attitudde of people and most of all, the price we pay to live in this stinking, shit pile of a city. For the record, I have lived elsewhere for a time in college (Denver to be exact), I was forced to come back here for financial reasons.

    Though there are thinks I do like, such as some neighborhoods and other areas, for every one thing I end up liking/loving, another 10 pop up for me to hate. I’ll just never understand how people don’t question ever leaving this city having never experienced living anywhere else.


  7. Martin

    The “City of the Big Shoulders” is buckling under the weight of major racial, political, and economic burdens. Here’s everything you need to know:


  8. Martin

    WEEK IN REVIEW: At least 19 people die from violence in Chicago, including eight over Mother’s Day weekend:


  9. TheMuscle

    You’re right I actually googled Chicago sucks and here I was. It’s one of the worse cities I’ve ever lived in and I’ve lived all over the US and Europe. What a miserable place but oh well they pay us well here so I’ll stay and save up for a bit. They said I’d get used to it but it’s been 4 years and I take joy in flying to other places as often as I can. I have noticed a very interesting thing as well. The only people that love Chicago are people that have lived here all their lives and ones that have visited the city once or twice during the summer lol. The ones that have lived here all their lives and that have tried to live somewhere else move back within a couple of years because they can’t make it!! I found it very strange but then again I have nothing in common with these people so I don’t want to find out why either. Can’t wait to get out of this hell hole and leave it to the dumbasses that have elected all of the officials that rape the state funds year over year. I’m an idiot for living here but I will suck the money out of you Chicago and go live happily somewhere else in the future. Suckkaaaaz


  10. Martin

    Chicago, the only city among the nation’s 20 largest to see population loss in 2015, could be overtaken in a decade by Houston as the third-most-populous city if the trend continues, experts said.



  11. Martin

    “Popular Mexican singer Alejandro Fuentes dies two days after being shot on his birthday in Brighton Park”



  12. WowThisSucks

    Chicago is the worst city I’ve been to yet! Being from the east coast I’ve literally forgotten about the city’s existence until I started working for a company with a small office out there and our office was the one to deal with them.
    First complaint: The people. At first we liked them, they came on so strong and over the top complimentary we just chalked it up to Midwest niceness (our mistake 😐) then months would go by and you’d hear nothing from them, if you tried to keep in touch they’d give short answers and make it clear you were bothering them until they needed something from you then they acted like your best friend again. They are the most fake, shallow, insincere, backstabbing people I’ve ever met from any city in the US or Europe! To put it in perspective: Do you know how bad people have to be to get a Pennsylvanian to stick up for New Yorkers or vice versa?? They’re THAT bad lol! All the people I know from there are people who grew up in the rich northern or western suburbs and now live in lakeview or wrigleyville, maybe it’s because of that maybe not. And I love how Chicagoans brag about drinking. We drink the ones we know under the table every time we see them, the one guy who brags the most is the biggest lightweight I’ve ever met, he blacks out all the time 😂

    Second: the city itself. I was recently out there with a friend and from the minute we got to the Loop something felt wrong. It was a Saturday morning and it was completely deserted except for some charity run! I’ve never seen Philly or NYC like that, it was eerie. Trying to find things to do or places to eat were excruciating. Almost every restaurant was a chain! We didn’t go shopping bc why pay extra for something I can get cheaper at home since all their stores are chains! The sales tax is ridiculous. The view from the restaurant in the Hancock building was very nice but the food was very average for the price. The night life was nonexistent and we looked outside the Loop too. The next day we tried other parts of the city. The bar at north ave beach had rude staff and tasteless drinks. And while the lake is very pretty it’s just not an ocean, no waves and after finding whatever water reports I could, I’d never step foot in the water around the city 😬. We tried places in lakeview and what they call ‘old town’ were a bust too, some restaurants looked okay and thankfully weren’t chains but I still couldn’t find any food that was actually great.

    I love things about every city I’ve been to except for here, Philly, Baltimore, Montreal, even NYC. Other than the views and the lake there was just absolutely nothing to do or see there that I couldn’t do somewhere else better or for less money with much friendlier people. I’ve had great conversations with complete strangers everywhere I’ve gone, except Chicago, like many other commentators have pointed out, no one there makes eye contact. Sorry for the long rant, I truly feel sorry for the people stuck there who want out!


  13. Martin

    CHICAGO — In a city wrestling with a rise in gun violence and turmoil in its police department, August seemed like the longest month. By midnight on Wednesday, 90 murders had occurred in August alone, making it the deadliest month in Chicago in about 20 years.
    Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, has experienced more homicides this year than the bigger cities of Los Angeles and New York combined.



  14. Martin

    An off-duty Chicago police officer was robbed at gunpoint Saturday night in the city’s Lakeview neighborhood, according to police sources.
    The officer, a 35-year-old man, was walking with a 29-year-old woman in the 3100 block of North Ravenswood around 9:35 p.m. when a dark-colored SUV abruptly stopped and several men got out with handguns, an official said.
    One of the gunmen demanded the pair’s personal belongings. After the robbers collected the items, including the officer’s police star-shaped badge, they took off in the SUV.



  15. TJ

    Oh I totally agree with you 100%. My family was fortunate to be able to move out of there after 50 plus years. It really does SUCK. The crime rate is getting so bad, even in the best of neighborhoods, which is one reason why we left. Did feel safe, even though we had police officers living all around us. There house’s were even getting broken into. The court system sucks BIG TIME. NO HELP getting child support if the father lives out of state. I had to go to that state for help, I lived in Chicago, they should of helped me. Taxes are out of control. Everyone in government jobs are getting way to much pay, for the same job other city workers in other cities get a lot less pay. And those people are very happy with there pay for what they do, they don’t feel under paid. Chicago just over pays there works who work for the city but under pay everyone else. So much more to say, but it would take me another 5 plus hours, so in ending I will just say. I’M SO HAPPY TO BE OUT OF CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊👏👏👏


  16. Dean

    Finally someone who understands me ..I don’t live in Chicago, I live in Joliet and that’s too damn close to me .. My Mom was from the Chicagoland area and my Dad was from southern region of Illinois a town called West Frankfort pop. 1200 as of 2017 .. When I was a kid and we’d go visit my Mom’s side of the family I hated the trudge through Harlem ave. with that “stop & go” traffic ..constantly congested and the locals there are rude and crude .. bad manners abound there .. horrific driving skills are the norm too, and like you said about Chicagoland food .. not all that spectacular I must say .. I have a few friends who defend that toilet , saying ‘It’s the greatest city in the country’.. I’m like ‘Have you ever been anywhere else in your life’ ..they say ‘I’ve been all over the country’ .. why? .. I say ‘Then you’ve must’ve been in a coma when you visited other cities ..I’ve haven’t been “all over” the country but I can say without a doubt that all the “big cities” I’ve been to outside Illinois were heads & tails way above Chicago even with their faults they were better cities to visit simply because of the people I encountered were hospitable as one could be .. now when we’d visit family down south in Illinois on my Dad’s said it was a long trip cause we’d have to drive 400 miles to the bottom of the state but we’d take 57 down and it was a straight shot no traffic , just stopping at a truck-stop or two maybe three on the way .. we’d get there to West Frankfort a small country town at the time was less than 800 people residing there and the small towns around them were much fun to visit and walk around, the down home folks there were nothing like the northerners of Chicagoland , these down home folks were honest hard working people who’d give you the shirt off their backs to help out someone in need. In this little town of West Frankfort you could and still can leave your front door of your house open at night, you could leave your keys in your car and you didn’t have to roll up your windows on it when you went to local store to get groceries or whatever you needed ..W. Frankfort was small but you had the creeks and rivers to fish or go swimmin’ ..the local festivals like Old King Coal fest were a blast .. good down home BBQ cookin’, fried chicken and fixin’s that were out of this world delicious and then an easy trip 20 minutes away you have the Illinois Ozarks a great place to explore it’s beauty …Illinois’ northern region and Illinois’ southern region are like day & night or black & white .. I say to people who want to this state to stay away from Chicago and it’s surrounding areas and go visit Illinois starting south of I-80 and you’ll be surprised how wonderful that part of the state is … and to please don’t judge us Illinois residents by the garbage can that is Chicago , Chicagoland and Illinois have nothing in common


  17. Megan

    I enjoy this. I’ve been in Chicago a little more than a year and I f***ing hate it here 90% of the time. I constantly feel anxious and scared when I’m in city limits. The things I’ve enjoyed most have been our trips to surrounding states like Wisconsin and Michigan and even into the high NW suburbs. I’m sure that if we explored further into the rural areas of Illinois we would love them too. We’ve since moved to the ‘burbs and I am so thankful. Everything in town outside of the loop is just a wasteland. Thank god for the museums and the lake- it would be unbearable without them. Thanks for posting!


    • Megan

      ALSO: WHERE ARE THE GREAT RESTAURANTS AND WHY DOES EVERYTHING DOWNTOWN SHUTDOWN AT 7pm EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK? If NYC is the city that never sleeps, Chicago is the city that never wakes. Ugh.


  18. A Friendly Adventurer

    I just got home from an hour long commute in the rain, and narrowly avoided being hit by the 50 people who run the yellow light at the end. You KNOW what I’m talking about too. Worst fucking drivers on earth. I once shut my local bar down and was standing outside at 6 in the morning smoking, and literally watched a cab driver scrape the front and back of two cars trying to parallel park, he gets out and whistles as he walks home. Not to mention someone was shot in front of my apartment in Robber’s Park, I mean Roger’s Park. This is a toxic, angry city filled with weirdos dressed like the Hunger Games. Stay away.


  19. 3 days ago, on May 12th, the high temp in Chicago was 50 deg. F, with winds of 17 mph, making the real feel temp somewhere in the 30s. This is in the middle of May! I had to wear my winter Eddie Bauer down jacket, with my gloves and ear muffs, just to cycle 2 mi. RT to and from my local liquor store.

    A friend in California couldn’t believe my description of Chicago’s crappy weather.

    Fortunately, at the local booze shop,I got a good deal on a bottle of Canadian Club, which I totally needed to keep me warm on that crappy, mid-May, Chicago wintry evening. My move to Indiana or Tennessee can’t come soon enough.


    • I have been looking and looking for you all over Twitter and I can’t find you! I came across this comment you left here on my old blog – I hope you get this reply! I hope you are okay! xoxox


  20. Why So Chi-town

    Yes! I did search “why does Chicago suck” and landed here. Sweet empathy.

    Seriously, I agree with everything written here, and something not yet mentioned. Why is it that over 60-70% of apartments in the city or rents are freaking catastrophically maintained, to the point everything is rotten to entropy, health issues, massive german cockroach infestations, rats, and slumlords who are pissed anytime you need anything done, and send a maintenance guy who literally has zero experience or training, and many times doesn’t even speak your language at all. (With respect, some of them are nice people, but they still have no clue about anything) Then, they never have whatever you need to help. In one place I was in for a min, the freaking elevator had a failed inspection plaque from 2015 (its still there at the time of this post) and it broke down every week! No one can ever be bothered to fix anything in this city, and if they do, they will never do it properly out of spiteful laziness and monetary greed, or simple underqualified stupidity.

    This city is filled with lazy, miscreant, and completely incompetent land lords.
    And don’t even think about an Airbnb here unless you’re used to living in dilapidated filth!

    Thank God (or whatever you believe, or dont believe in) that I am leaving here in a few weeks. I have met some nice and great people in the city, a few shining golden nuggets in a sea of variable turds, but here’s the kicker. Not one of them are even from this city!!! They all ended up here for one reason or another.

    Everyone talks about how “Oh, Obama is from Chi-town!” Yeah, and ask yourself this question. How long has it been since he’s lived here? Yup. And he’s never coming back except for visits.

    LGBTQ Community!: Please pick a way better city next time. I partially came here for that, and this place sucks! Come on, there’s a whole state if you like Illinois’ protections. Even though a member of the American Nazi Party just became an incumbent in the 3rd district of all places. We’re not really getting anywhere here with that levek of voting stupidity.

    To the author and anyone else stuck here and wanting to leave, I feel for ya. I’ve only been here a year and a half and I’ve contemplated suicide at times!

    Love to all, and for the haters, YES! Since I don’t like it, I will very much get the heck out of your bad weathered port-a-porty with skyscrapers!


  21. Over It

    I am so glad that I found this site. Such a relief to commiserate with like minded souls.
    Relocated back after decades away. The longest most miserable 6 years of my life. Can’t wait to leave.

    I also found a great article:

    Another perpective that says it better than I can:

    Here’s my story:
    Due to rampant nepotism, it has been difficult to find a steady job that pays a living wage.

    One boss a Mexican native sponsored family and friends, gave them promotions overtime and left anyone else struggling for hours. Complaints fell on dead ears with upper management interested in keeping their jobs and not doing it.

    I quickly re learned what I knew growing up here, Its not What you know, but Who you know.

    Housing went up drastically, car ownership is prohibitively expensive,taxes are a joke. We are nickeled and dimed especially for cell phones.

    Public transportation, could be much better. The trains, especially The blue and red lines are mobile homeless shelters at night. I feel bad for them mostly for the older women. (We have to do better as a while society)

    The culture and night life are non existent. People don’t really mingle and network outside of their comfort zones.

    There are 2 dominant mind sets, shady and willfull ignorance.

    Most people aren’t as progressive as they like to think that they are.
    It’s still provincial.

    I often reminded of the movie, Idiocrasy,when on the train,shopping on crowded weekends.

    4th of July fireworks replete with M-80s and silver salutes start mid June until mid July especially after 11pm.

    I could go on and on, but I am so relieved to find this blog.


    • Tom Faber

      Your comment on the nepotism of Mexicans in “sanctuary city” Chicago resonated with me.

      I befriended a man from Morton Grove who lived in a mansion there (on the MG/Golf border), who owned 2 McDonald’s in the city and would regularly sign my nominating petitions for Republican candidates.

      I told him that I noticed that he had all non-English speaking Latinos at his restaurants and that an occasional English-speaking American, that he hired would soon leave – complaining about the unfriendly workplace environment created by the 98% non-English speaking workforce.

      He told me that he vetted all of his employees to determine their legal status thru E-Verify.

      I didn’t believe him for a minute.

      Funny, we don’t see calls for “diversity” in these workplaces.

      Some of these slave wage mongers, such as this big-bucks McDonald’s owner should be perp walked out of their Morton Grove mansions and thrown into prison for employing illegal aliens.

      But hey, this is “sanctuary city” Chicago – and American kids, and American citizens can just be damned.


  22. Quispin

    I hate Chicago as well. I am mixed race and the racial divisions are so horrible in the city I just don’t fit in and have tons of friends elsewhere. Unfortunately I became disabled and got placed in housing back in Chicago. It’s 2019 and still as racist as it was in the 1980s. I went on a date with a Mexican woman who called her black customers the n-word.
    I’ve lived in DC, New York, LA, Tucson,Philadelphia, London and Vancouver as I was a coder and did consulting. I am finally getting help with being placed elsewhere.
    Here are the many reasons Chicago sucks:
    1) Most racist place in the world. A friend of mine from Africa whose family knows the Mandella’s says it reminded him of South Africa before Aparteid fell
    2) People in Chicago think it is funny to be ignorant. I’ve never been in any place where people read less. I took a year off to teach in Philly and my students who were former high school drop outs were smarter than most of the people who went to crappy Illinois colleged
    3) Very overpriced city
    4) Gender roles are from the 1950s. Women still want to just get married and get taken care of.
    5) City has culture but the people there do not take advantage of it.
    6) Not ADA accessible anywhere
    7) Disrespectful to Veterans. I actually did not renew my contract with the Army Reserves with a unit in Brooklyn because I did not want to ever be responsible from stopping a terrorist attack on Chicago or saving the life of anyone as a first responder in New York who might be from Chicago
    8) The newspapers suck
    9) People don’t take any real interest or ownership in their profession. On the coasts people work long hours but that is because they love what they do.
    10) Chicago is filled with negative people who complain
    11) People are so racist they don’t respect your professional credentials. I used to work at Booz Allen. I also stopped working there when I became disabled because National security involves protecting Chicago and I never want to be a part of that. The world would be better off with the city blown off the face of the map and the water from Lake Michigan used by more advanced members of the species
    12) Public transportation is horrible.
    13) People are myopic and think their city is great because they have not traveled elsewhere
    14) The men are fat
    15) Corrupt and a very bad place to do business.

    I could go on and on. It’s the worst city in the universe.

    My revenge against Chicago is that my cousin is a Republican elected official covering up cancer causing chemicals being dumped into Lake Michgan. I will not do anything to help reveal what is happening because I want the people of Chicago to get cancer and best of all, the chemicals make it so women cannot have children. I will be getting placed elsewhere and that is my payback.


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