Didn’t Believe me about patronage in Chicago?

In a previous post, I mentioned how Chicago city officials often put friends and family members on the payroll, despite their not being qualified for the job.  And this morning, I found this Patronage thrives as County Board votes new taxes in my local online newspaper.  No doubt this occurs on some level in many major cities.  It seems to me though, that having such practices under federal criminal investigation is pretty telling.  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is alive and well in Chicago.




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5 thoughts on “Didn’t Believe me about patronage in Chicago?

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to live someplace NORMAL for a change? Where this sort of thing is really NEWS, instead of another “Oh, well, yeah — whattaya gonna do?” type thing?

    And where there’s work to be had that pays well? And often? And permanently?


  2. Raga6

    Sadly the whole “who you know and not what you know” reigns supreme everywhere. It’s stupid.


  3. It’s got me comin’ and goin’, Raga: I don’t know shit, and I don’t know nobody important, neither. 😉

    But I know YOU, and you’re AWESOME … so that makes up for everything. 🙂


  4. Lost In Chicago

    Well, the example comes from the top. How come there is no term limit on the office of mayor? This opens door to nepotism, corruption and all the vices of politics that are present everywhere else. Everywhere else, however that are some mechanism that are supposed to control them…. But of course not in Chicago 😉


  5. Lost – This is a Daley city and Daley is king. The resulting corruption is evident, and yet no one does anything about it – he and his cronies keep getting re-elected year after year. Mechanisms to control that in Chicago? No way would Daley ever allow anything like that onto the agenda! 😉 Thanks for visiting Lost, hope to see you again. 🙂


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