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"True" Birth Month

Your True Birth Month Is June

Fussy, Abiding, Friendly, Stubborn, Talkative, Sensitive, Executive, Hesitating, Easily hurt, Active mind, Easily bored, Daydreamer, Loves to joke, Tends to delay, Temperamental, Brand conscious, Loves to dress up, Having lots of ideas, Good debating skills, Funny and humorous, Thinks far with vision, Prone to getting colds, Polite and soft-spoken, Able to show character, Seldom show emotions, Knows how to make friends, Easily influenced by kindness, Takes time to recover when hurt, Choosy and always wants the best, Those who love me are friends; Those who hate me are enemies

Some time ago, I found this website and took a bunch of these silly quizzes.
Oh, the things one does when one is bored! LOL
What I thought most amusing about this quiz, is that my birthday really is in June!
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