Think Sprinter

Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring … except in Illinois.  This is how Chicago does Spring.  Blizzard-like conditions, below freezing temperatures and wind chills.  Niiiice, no?  I took these pictures just after 1 in the afternoon.  The 1st shot is the management office building, the 2nd is the parking lot across the street – see the headlights on the car?  That’s how dark it is outside.  The bottom picture is the flag in front of the office.  This is our “wind gauge.”  The shots are kind of blurry because the snow is falling so thick and fast, and visibility is so poor – just 2/10ths of a mile.  It’s blurry with the naked eye.  The weathermen are saying we should get around 7″ out of this one.  Ahhh, good times, good times. 









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7 thoughts on “Think Sprinter

  1. Oh man, that’s horrible! Our weather yesterday was as springlike as weather can possibly get. Actually, we’ve had an unusually long stretch of pleasant weather. I think we were overdue.


  2. This is yucky. I remember back in 2000 when we had 9″ of snow on April 1. Never get too sure spring has sprung in Illinois.


  3. Sherri – yeah, it’s pretty yucky. There’s still a ton of snow all over the place and it’s cold. It’s hard to get into the spirit of Spring when it looks like it does outside. You can’t even open a window. Spring really doesn’t get here until May sometime, just in time for Summer.

    My Love – oh yes, I remember that year. I lost a lot of plants that year in the garden I had.


  4. Tara

    THANK GOD I moved back to California. I think this spring day was what drove me to do so.


  5. Tara – You smart girl! Chicago just doesn’t do Spring very well at all.


  6. noah

    Awesome :j
    It looks like home to me 🙂


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