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Computer Geek or Serial Killer?

Okay, it’s the weekend.  Are you on the lookout for predators?  Test your skills at spotting one here —>> Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?  I got 8 out of 10.  Which means my skills are lapsing because the first time I did this, about 4 years ago when my husband sent it to me, I got 9 out of 10.  Unless they’ve changed the pictures. 

Need some help identifying your friendly neighborhood serial killer?  Check out this page —>> Generalized Characteristics of Serial Murderers

Happy Hunting!  Heheheheh



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Miscellaneous Oddball Posts Assembled Recklessly.  Yeah, I needed something to post about for Friday and couldn’t come up with a thing, so I thought I could just throw a bunch of stuff together and maybe I’d have something good.  Sort of like a stew.  Sure.  You’re with me, right?  😉

First I want to send a quick note …

Dear Subway;

Mm-mm Quiznos

Love, A homeschool mom.

Have you seen all the flap about Subway, who can’t even spell United States correctly on their website, (which has since been corrected but man, what a joke!) about banning home schools from their latest contest?  Here’s some links for you: Avoiding humiliation for the public schools?; Subway Bans Homeschooled Kids from Essay Contest; Why are Homeschoolers so Touchy about Subway’s Snub?


Sick of gas prices?  Here’s a place you can let your feelings be known – Congress!  Check out this website: Gas Price Protest


What is it about new notebooks that I find so doggone exciting?  All that pure unadulterated paper just waiting for me to write on it … sigh.  Yeah, I know, I’m one sick lady.  But I can’t help it, and I found a notebook at Walgreens a few weeks ago that just floats my boat.  It’s imitation pink leather with little starry sparkles all over it – you should see it in the light!  It’s like a little jewel, it’s so pretty and girly.  (They have blue and lavender too)  And I’m afraid to write in it.  Dork.  Only my metallic gel pens will do for this notebook.  Want one?  Go here!  Or your local Walgreens.



The other day, I heard my son singing a little familiar tune, the Spiderman Theme song … except he was singing it like this: “Meeee, Meeee, radioactive Meeee.”  Identity crisis in the making?  I dunno.  When the baby sees the beginning of the Spiderman movie she cries, “Look!  It’s me!  There’s my name!”  But then, one time she popped into the smoking room where I was indulging my habit, while she was wearing the black Spiderman costume we got for our son a couple of years ago.  The door flew open and she exclaimed, “Hello my dear!  I’m Venom!”  Sometimes my son calls me Spider-mom, and my husband feels a bit weird when the boy calls me Mary Jane or MJ, but the baby calls me that occasionally too.  Being the mom, I guess by default I get cast as the female lead.  Ha.  My kids are cute, I swear, but you’d never know it from these pictures.  This is the way I pretty much get to see them the most, unless they switch costumes and my son is Spiderman and my daughter is black Spidey.  But they love each other so I try not to complain.  Spidey’s cool.  Hey, it could be worse, right?  😉

MVC-002F MVC-003F


The other day I had the kids do some crafty type things … with markers.  They had fun, and it kept them out of trouble for a few minutes.  But when I turned around I saw this: 2008-05-29d You should have seen her jump when I cried out, “What are you doing?!”  She hit the ceiling she jumped so high!  Oh my, I had a good chuckle out of that one! 


I uninstalled that Scrapbook thing for Firefox I told you about.  It’s a really cool add-on, but it comes with like, a 50 page .pdf user manual.  I figured that was too much trouble for an add-on.  If it was something I could use for say, a paying job, that’d be different.  But for personal bookmarks, I didn’t want to go through that much trouble.  The Google Notebooks feature does pretty similar things, at least for what I wanted to accomplish.  The other add-ons I mentioned in that previous post rock though.  🙂  Especially the SpeedDial one.  I d/l another one today, called DashBlog that I’m hoping to play with in the next couple of days.  It looks too cool for me to pass up, something right up my alley.  I’ll let you know, but then, you knew that, right?  😉


Thanks for the laughs, Harvey, I will miss you.  Emmy-Winning Actor Harvey Korman Dead at 81  The Carol Burnett Show was one of my absolute favorites when I was a kid and I probably laughed more watching an episode of that show than I did in a whole month. 


Now to figure out what to post for next week … anything you’d like to see?  Have a great weekend all!












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Sucks to live in Chicago

I found this on Blame it on the Voices.  I did a little research, to see if I could find it too.  And I did.  Now, it must be said that it’s hard to tell for certain that the older boy is holding a gun.  It could be a toy, I suppose.  And if you scan around the picture, you can see other people standing around who don’t seem that concerned that the boy actually IS holding a gun.  Sure looks like a gun though, doesn’t it?  And it looks like the smaller boy is running for his life.  Did Google Maps catch a crime in progress? 

If it really IS a gun, then there are so many things wrong with this picture I can hardly begin to tell you.  But I will!  Oh you knew I would!  First of all, this is broad daylight, in Chicago.  And the fact that it was caught on camera, Google cameras no less, means that the shooter didn’t care who saw him.  Second, this is Chicago.  Where guns are supposedly banned.  How does that saying go?  “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”  This photo would seem to give that expression all the proof it needs.  And these are kids!  Kids with guns!  I know I don’t need to tell you how wrong that is!  This is what life is like in Chicago for some people.  Walking down the street might get you killed.  For them, it really sucks to live here. 

Because you can’t embed iframes on WP, I can’t paste the map into my own post.  However, if you visit here, or the link below, you should be able to see it.  Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Did Google Maps catch a crime in progress?

Aha!  Thank goodness for Fireshot!  I was able to take a screen shot of the map.  It’s not interactive like it is on the Google Maps site, but you’ll see what I’m talking about.





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For free? Yes!

I found it!  Woo!  I was reading a magazine a few days ago, and I thought one of the articles would make for good blog fodder.  But I didn’t want to make an image of every link like I did with the 10 Myths Busted series – way too much work.  (Although I AM looking for something else now that that one’s nearing it’s end.  Any ideas?)  On a whim, I did an online search, and found the article, complete with all the links!  Yay!  Surprising Things You Can Get For Free (Or Almost)  Who doesn’t want free stuff?  There’s some great links here – like a link that lists free WiFi spots, a link to your free credit report (not the scam one that wants to charge you after the “trial” period), links to business classes, computer help (yeah, for free!), and foreign language classes.  All kinds of cool stuff.  And I knew, just KNEW, you’d be interested.  So why don’t you check it out, and tell me what you think? 

Oh, here’s one more.  Cozi  It’s not in the article, but it’s one I have on my comp.  I love the screen saver feature it has.  🙂    



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Chicago gas prices suck!

We’ve been complaining for weeks.  (Maybe years.)  We knew in our hearts it was true – seems it always is.  And today (5-19) I open my online paper to find this: Chicago has highest gas prices in U.S.  We always have the highest gas prices.  Taxes are part of it, yes, but there seems to be something else going on.  Why are they always highest in Chicagoland?  What’s going on here?  We might as well put milk in our tanks – it’s cheaper.  Barely.  That hasn’t quite hit $4 a gallon.  Yet. 

I’m counting on my Anti-Chicago friends to sound off on this one.  Angry about gas prices too?  Do you take advantage of things like GasBuddy to help you find the lowest prices in your area? 



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Memorial Day


In honor of Memorial Day. 

Let us not forget the meaning behind this day. 

To all our fallen veterans, Thank You.



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10 Myths Busted – #8

One of my classmates in 2nd grade told me this.  After I’d swallowed my gum.  I didn’t believe her.  She also told me that if you cut yourself, and suck the blood, it will go back into your veins.  (I didn’t believe that either!)  Yeah, 2nd graders aren’t big on brains. 

From the Family Fun Magazine, February 2008 issue.


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