Sucks to live in Chicago

I found this on Blame it on the Voices.  I did a little research, to see if I could find it too.  And I did.  Now, it must be said that it’s hard to tell for certain that the older boy is holding a gun.  It could be a toy, I suppose.  And if you scan around the picture, you can see other people standing around who don’t seem that concerned that the boy actually IS holding a gun.  Sure looks like a gun though, doesn’t it?  And it looks like the smaller boy is running for his life.  Did Google Maps catch a crime in progress? 

If it really IS a gun, then there are so many things wrong with this picture I can hardly begin to tell you.  But I will!  Oh you knew I would!  First of all, this is broad daylight, in Chicago.  And the fact that it was caught on camera, Google cameras no less, means that the shooter didn’t care who saw him.  Second, this is Chicago.  Where guns are supposedly banned.  How does that saying go?  “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”  This photo would seem to give that expression all the proof it needs.  And these are kids!  Kids with guns!  I know I don’t need to tell you how wrong that is!  This is what life is like in Chicago for some people.  Walking down the street might get you killed.  For them, it really sucks to live here. 

Because you can’t embed iframes on WP, I can’t paste the map into my own post.  However, if you visit here, or the link below, you should be able to see it.  Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Did Google Maps catch a crime in progress?

Aha!  Thank goodness for Fireshot!  I was able to take a screen shot of the map.  It’s not interactive like it is on the Google Maps site, but you’ll see what I’m talking about.





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14 thoughts on “Sucks to live in Chicago

  1. And now those interactive links say the image is no longer available! You’ve uncovered a conspiracy!


  2. Raga6

    Sherri took the words out of my mouth! Scary! Big Brother is not only watching, he’s editing what’s seen.


  3. That is too bizarre! I just made the post a few days ago, less than a week! Wow, if I hadn’t caught it with the Fireshot thing you’d have no idea what I was talking about!

    This was all over the news, and I guess Google didn’t waste any time – but if it’s only a water pistol, why take it down, you know? Why remove a picture of 2 kids playing?

    Love and hugs to both of you!


  4. Dun-dun-DUUUUUNNNNN! The EVIL empire is out to GET YOU. OoooooooOOOooOOOoooh! Boogity-boogity-BOO!

    On a serious note … that’s a weird pic.


  5. Well, SOMEone’s out to get me – I’ve been on some kind of list for years. So BOO back to them! 😉

    But yeah, it is a weird picture. I saw it on a few sites so I’m really surprised it got removed. My understanding is that Google won’t remove pics from streetview unless specifically asked to do so and for a really good reason, so it makes you wonder. LTY!


  6. telecommutingtruths

    So freaking scary! Big Brother!


  7. Hey TCTruths, thanks for stopping by!

    It is a bit scary, isn’t it?


  8. I’m not surprised Google edits in real time, i swear they have gnomes working there. It’s probably a water fight as they look really young. They cut shit out google search to have it reappear an hour later, screw blogger, i’d never use that, they bury all of the articles. WordPress publishes everyone of my posts. I still can’t even find my blogspot blog easily at all.


  9. JR – you’re probably right about the gnomes. I wouldn’t doubt it a bit. Google is like the Borg, and resistance is futile. And Blogger sucks. 😉


  10. realr

    Yea, Google Maps is great (check out this photo at the top of the page). It seems they took this off too, I wonder why.


  11. RealR – that’s funny! Thanks! Yeah, Google Streetview actually got the front of my place, but fortunately I was inside so there’s no weird pics of me on there! lol At least, I think not!


  12. zoe

    i searched this myself and it looks like the image was messed with to look like he had a gun, photoshopped. in the real map the boy with the gun looks like he has both arms by his side and the small boy seems to be walking, not running. where was this image in question found?

    Zoe, this is an old post from last year. There was a lot of controversy surrounding it, and Google Maps deleted it from their files. I happened to get a screen shot before they did that, but you will not be able to find it there anymore. I’m pretty sure it was determined that the gun in question was in fact a water pistol and the 2 boys were brothers playing in front of their house. Hope that helps. 🙂



  13. zoe

    hang on….
    if you take this image and compare it to the image i provided, the older boy is staning off of the street in the image with gun, and in the street without. hmmm


  14. Butch Badorsick

    When I’m in Chicago, I went to the head and the hogs ate me.


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