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Singles vs Doubles Revisited

So yesterday I did this about women, and it occurred to me this afternoon that I might do this for the men, too.  Yeah, I’m quick like that!  I don’t know many single men (and C, I don’t even know if you’re still single!  I’d be surprised if you were!) but I thought that surely the married men out there wonder what it might be like to still be “baching it” once in a while.  You know, not have to ask if it’s ok to buy the new 60″ plasma screen TV, or play poker with the guys whenever they want, or leave the seat up without being yelled at.  I can say that my husband has never expressed such a desire, at least not to me, but I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised if the thought’s crossed his mind once in a while.  He’s human, as much as he hates to admit that!  And we all like to be selfish sometimes.  The benefits of marriage for men far outweigh the negatives – perhaps getting away with less housework has something to do with that.  😉  But seriously guys, do you think about this like women do?  Do you ever have those momentary pangs of, “Man, single guys have the life!”?  Not that you’d ever trade your wives for it, but you know what I mean, right? 

The Case for Marriage

Advantages of healthy family life

A disclaimer about yesterday’s blog: My post yesterday was just a tongue-in-cheek thing about the housework articles I found.  I never meant to imply that I’m not happy being married, because God knows, I am.  I wouldn’t trade it – or my husband – for anything!  I just have occasional pangs of wanting to decorate everything with ruffles, lace, and pink.  😉 



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