It’s HIS time of the month every WEEK!

In people, hormonal changes have been observed after changes in behavior. A 1998 study found that loyal male fans of sports teams experienced a 20 percent rise in testosterone when their teams won.

I was reading this article about birds and hormones – kinda interesting.  But towards the end of the article, I saw the above line mentioned almost in passing.  I re-read it several times, just to make sure I got it right.  A 20% rise in hormones when a fan’s team won?  Then I started thinking all kinds of things.  Did this apply to females too?  (And would it involve testosterone or estrogen?)  Did it apply to the players on the winning teams?  Was there a drop in hormones – in either players or fans – when the teams lost?  Did that apply to women?  Are hormones really that susceptible to a game?  Then I thought, well, you know, that explains a lot, like riots that take place after a team wins a really big championship.  You should have seen Chicago when the Bulls won!  And you combine all that testosterone with alcohol and you have a natural, totally organic Molotov cocktail brewing.  All you need is a match. 

So, men’s testosterone gets all out of whack – over a game … a GAME! – and they call US hormonal.  Sheesh! 

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8 thoughts on “It’s HIS time of the month every WEEK!

  1. This is really funny. They call women hormonal as if theirs is the stable standard. Whatev.

    From your post yesterday I see I should have been reading your chicago posts. I missed all the excitement. Or rather, INcitement.


  2. This would explain why the population of Cleveland continues to drop year after year.


  3. Dwight — ROFLMFAO!!

    Buffalo too, no? And NYC should start plummeting soon.

    That’s funny, bro.


  4. Sherri – I know! What’s up with that! LOL, INcitement! Good one! I just hope it’s over now. Hard to tell since the guy came back last night – seeming to have adjusted his attitude but I’m on alert. And if you ever get bored, you can read all the comments – they’re not going anywhere. 🙂 Love you!


    Dwight – LMAO!! Maybe they’re all moving to Boston?


    Love – LTY!


  5. pretty much everyone gets off on sports. I saw that study before. Add the idiot Chicago factor to the testosterone factor and you have people burning down their own house. Oh and Franktown is super dumb, I can’t wait for him to comment more on my blog.


  6. JR – LOL the Chicago factor!

    Frankie’s been back here a few times but hasn’t said anything more. I’m thinking he’s looking to see if anyone else comments on my Chicago post so he can jump on them, or he’s trying to see if anyone says anything more about him. Too bad he’s not out enjoying all the wonderful things he claims Chicago has to offer, and is instead sitting around, not having a life, waiting to pounce on bloggers.


  7. lol, i’m seriously going with my chicago instinct here, drinking raw eggs with beer, worst idea ever, looks like i’ll have to deal with my own stupidity here, i feel like i’m going to die, oh well.

    The apple doesn’t fall too far from the chicago tree no matter how smart that tree is.


  8. JR – raw eggs and beer? DUDE! That’s just so gross! ROFL


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