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Define “Cuss”

Okay, I’m not sure if this is good news or bad.  So I cuss less than 27% of other blogs.  Does that mean I cuss 73% more than others?  Am I that foul-mouthed?  Really?  Because I didn’t think I cussed all that much.  Do I offend you, blogosphere, with my salty language?  I try not to use the F-bomb, but I know I’ve used others.  Do I need to clean up my act?  Please let me know, and I’ll get the soap. 

 FireShot #61

FireShot #60

The Blog Cuss-o-Meter

(WordPress does not allow the html code from this website to be used on its site. 

I copied the images with Fireshot and then pasted them into my post as pictures)

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