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It’s a Google Fly-by!

This link –>>Google Earth Sightings is to a very cool video that’s really fun!  I hope you take a few minutes to check it out.  Unfortunately, because WP doesn’t allow Flash code, I can’t embed it here.  It’s a global tour of some weird things that have shown up on the Google Earth, and did I mention it’s really cool?.  🙂

Speaking of Google, did you know it has some new competition?  Apparently there’s a woman who created a search engine that she claims is better than Google.  I put my blog name in, and the results it came up with were older posts, but maybe that’s just because the site’s new.  Want to check it out?  Go to Cuil.  (Pronounced cool.)

Lastly, because I don’t know if you heard, New DNA Evidence Clears Ramsey Family in JonBenet Death.  I think this news should be shouted, because so many people – including myself initially, I admit with shame – believed these people were guilty of the murder and sexual assault of their daughter.  I was fortunate enough to see some detective present evidence that exonerated the Ramsey’s about 10 years ago, and I understood how badly the case had been botched.  (You know my penchant for crime stuff, right?)  When I realized what these poor parents had been put through – because the Boulder Police wanted to follow their “gut” instead of the evidence, I was appalled and have been championing the Ramsey’s ever since.  Sadly, Patsy Ramsey died a couple of years ago so she never saw The letter of apology that the Boulder District Attorney sent to Mr. Ramsey.  For her, it came too late.  But at least it’s something John Ramsey can cling to. 

Monday’s coming!  Take a deep breath and plunge in!  Just 5 more days ‘til Friday!


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