I Still Think Chicago Sucks

America’s Top 10 Most Expensive Cities – Yep, made the most expensive list.  And we’re not even on a coast!

FireShot #65


Top 10 Best American Cities To Buy A Home – Whoops!  Sorry!  Chicago is NOT on this list!  It’s not one of the best places to buy a home, it’s just expensive.  And miserable


I’m including the whole Q/A thing from Dear Abby here, for the simple fact that the person who wrote it works in … you guessed it, Illinois!  No doubt this happens in many places, but I was struck by the fact that the IL writer said it happened often.  What kind of jerk locks their pet in a home they’re abandoning?  Apparently an Illinois jerk.

DEAR ABBY: I work for a major lending company and have cleaned out foreclosed homes. Too many times, I find animals who have died from exposure or literally starved to death.
My message to homeowners is: PLEASE make arrangements for your pets if you can’t take them with you. Once a loan company notifies you of foreclosure, it can be many weeks before someone enters that home. Give your pet a fighting chance! — DISCOURAGED IN ILLINOIS

DEAR DISCOURAGED: I’m pleased to pass along your important message. If living arrangements change, your family pet should not be abandoned or dumped to fend for itself. Contact a rescue group so the animal can be placed for adoption with another pet lover or a shelter.


Compared with other cities, ours is a can’t-do place – “The Windy City Nanny State”

R U ambu-textrous? – Chicago thinks you’re too dumb to text and walk at the same time!

Illinois ranks 43rd for number of black male students graduating from high school – This is just sad!  Why does our education suck so much?

The $20,000 question – Well, this might be one reason ….

Meeks seek aldermanic support for protest – So it’s a good idea to encourage students not to go to school? 


Clout keeps power on – It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

A Chicago Operation from Top to Bottom – Which is why Obama knows Daley.  Do you really want the corruption of Chicago politics in the White House?

Daley gives ward supers raise while asking unions for sacrifices – And retroactive raises at that – isn’t that nice???

Governor’s vetoes cut funds to fight wrongful convictions – Do NOT get wrongfully convicted for a crime in Illinois!

Cutbacks, layoffs dog Chicago financial industry – Don’t come here looking for work!  We’re expensive, miserable, and short on jobs.

Illinois unemployment increases to 7.3 percent – Yeah, business sure is booming, isn’t it. 


Illinois State Police advice to women who are attacked by criminals – They hand out popsicle sticks and tell you to throw up.  Srsly.  Gives whole new meaning to the term, “Gag me!”

Daley promises to fight to keep handgun ban – When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

Morton Grove repeals 27-year-old gun ban – Finally!  A breath of fresh air after nearly 3 decades!

Wilmette repeals town’s handgun ban after high court ruling – Oh!  You mean the 2nd Amendment applies to the people??

Evanston latest suburb to repeal handgun ban in wake of high court ruling – Another one bites the dust! 

Of course it’s fair that they have guns and you don’t – Fear the government that fears your guns!

Is Chicago the source of Toronto’s guns? – Of course!  Since we can’t have them here, might as well ship them up north!


Monster trains coming down the tracks? – You’ve heard Chicagoland was a railroad hub, right?

Motorists to pay freight – And expect to wait even longer at those train crossings too … I mean really wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Oh, you died?  Well, your ambulance was held up at the train crossing.  Thanks Canadian National!


White Sox fan beat by Cubs fans, loses eye – Cubs fans get pissy when you say, “1908.” 

2 Cubs fans charged in beatdown of Brewers fan – And this was after the Cubs won a game!  One guy even hit his own sister when she tried to stop the fight!

Two Cubs fans to stand trial in Wisconsin for beating Brewers fan – We’ll see how well folks in Wisconsin take to the beating of one of their own by thugs from Chicago. 


A few links my friend in Texas sent me – thanks Raga!  *hugs*

Chicago Sucks Women’s Cut T-Shirt

Chicago Sucks BBQ Apron

Chicago Sucks Jersey


And finally, I find it amusing that in Illinois, even fewer than average consider the Bible to be literal, and also in Illinois, fewer than average report having their prayers answered.  Coincidence?  😉


Faith in Illinois

June 24, 2008

On many questions of faith, Illinois closely resembled the national profile in a new poll that takes an in-depth look at Americans’ religious beliefs. But Illinoisans were less likely to interpret the Bible literally.
While 33 percent of all respondents said the Scriptures were the "word of God, literally true word for word," only 27 percent of those in Illinois agreed.
Illinoisans were also more likely to agree that "there is more than one true way to interpret the teachings of my religion" and that "many religions can lead to eternal life."
And while Illinoisans pray as frequently as the rest of the country, they were less likely to report receiving answers to those prayers.


I hope the rest of you in the other 49 states have a great day!  We can’t in IL, we get taxed for it.  Seriously.  It’s called the “amusement tax.”  We can only have okay days, or all right days, but we can’t have great days where we smile and laugh or are amused in any way.  But I still hope the rest of you have a great day – Lord knows someone ought to be able to!  😉

City of Chicago Amusement Tax: Owners, managers, operators of places where amusements are conducted collect tax from patrons for witnessing or participating in amusements


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18 thoughts on “I Still Think Chicago Sucks

  1. What a bizarro list from Forbes!

    Chicago more expensive than Boston and DC?

    Miami at #3?

    Houston on the list?


  2. Pretty eye-opening, isn’t it Franktown? Maybe what Falcon’s been saying about Chicago’s true after all, eh?

    Great job, love. Love the commentary.


  3. Uhhhhh



  4. Raga6

    Fantastic post! I love Dear Abby. lol

    Poor Frank. Keep on bashing Houston too bud. We can take it.

    Love ya Fal!!!


  5. Did you read my post?

    I wasn’t bashing Houston, merely bashing Houstonian Chicago bashers (if you know what I mean)

    Ness, have you read it yet?


  6. this is all just words on a page until you actually live through the place. Talk to my Father, born and raised in the city of Chicago–he won’t live there. Ever wonder why Chicagoans retire in Wisconsin?– I ran into the old principle of my High School this weekend in Wisconsin.

    I know I have at least a handful of business opportunities available in Chicago when i graduate–But I am really fearful of ever returning.

    Like my brother said when we went to a Church Fundraiser in Wisconsin this weekend–“They have beer at a Church fest?”

    “Yeah,” I said. “This is nanny police state Chicagoland Illinois–people actually have restraint and freedom here”

    I used to hold my mouth, as “Lost in Chicago” said. But when its your problem too, I just get pissed off and personally offended whenever someone has some BS “Rah Rah ” Chicago non-sense to feed me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be in Chicago than many places– but I’d take almost any other city or state in the Mid-west over police state illinois Chicagoland


  7. Frank – Yes, Chicago is more expensive than Boston and DC. And just because you don’t want to see things doesn’t mean they’re not there. And yes, I’ve read your post (just commented too, btw) – sorry, I’ve been a bit tied up. All this bondage stuff is pretty time consuming. 😉

    Love – Thanks Babe. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.

    Raga – Thanks hon! Yeah, you TX folks are pretty tough! Love you too! *hugs*

    JR – You are so right about that. Until you actually live through something, you can’t relate on a lot of levels. What pisses me off is when people who HAVEN’T “been there done that” have the nerve to tell us that what we’ve been through is false. Revisionists of all kinds irritate me. To them I say, “You CAN’T revise my experiences, and I’m not going to let you even try.”


  8. Bondage stuff?

    WTF you talkin’ about??? S&M kind of stuff??? Oh my


  9. elizabeth

    I cannot speak to the current state of Chicago since I have not lived in the Chicago area for too many years to count. But… I grew up with the original Mayor Daly…::chuckle::..which speaks for itself. I was there in 1968…the famous Democratic Convention. Still, when you are young, the negatives such as Bills…expenses… jobs…are not foremost on your mind. You tend to remember the positives. My memories center on the positives, and I am sure I would have a real awakening if I were to move back to live. Having said that, I have lived and traveled in a number of different areas, and most major cities have the same problems. They are not unique to Chicago. Currently, I am in the Memphis area…and if you want to experience a badly run…corrupt…city…come visit me. And that is all I can say on the subject without saying a multitude of objectionable things! Except one last thought…anyone who thinks Obama stands for change is smoking crack. You cannot emerge through the auspices of Chicago politics and not be corrupt as hell. ::bites lip:::Okay…I am off my soapbox!

    BUT…Illinois is NOT the only place people abandon pets. I adopted my lil black Pomeranian due to the fact someone was going to abandon their home during Katrina, and just leave him…a six month old baby! Fortunately, my sister in law got wind of it…marched over there…and rescued him. She raises and shows Poms and someone called her. As luck would have it, she knew the breeder who sold this couple the puppy. So…when she and my brother and nephews had to evacuate up here(with ALL their dogs), Slider came, too. And here, he stayed. I already had 5 cats, and they just NOW have decided he is NOT going away.:::chuckles::

    Abuse of all forms bothers me, but abuse of children and animals…who are helpless and depend on us…just fries me. My husband is always scolding me…but I feed the birds, the chipmunks, the raccoons…even the occasional possum! We have ducks that walk right up into the patio and look into the door at my cats! My husband complains that we spend more on food to feed animals than we do on us! :::laughs:: I tell him I could have worse habits!


  10. oh no not another cat person


  11. elizabeth

    ::purrs and licks his nose::

    (::laughs::Aww, JR….cats rule! But then, I love all animals…even men! ::winks::)


  12. Elizabeth — I love cats too. They’re delicious.


  13. That’s weird, I read somewhere recently that Naperville is one of the best cities to live in in the U.S.

    I just feel compelled to throw that in, as I used to live in Naperville.

    But honestly, you should all move to Bountiful, UT. It’s the best. There’s no crime, everybody’s always happy, and the streets are paved with gold. And if you still want the angry big city experience, Salt Lake is a mere 10 minutes down the road.


  14. Bryce — Sounds like heaven. And there’s always those incredible Rocky Mountain winters to make life interesting, right? 😉

    You lived in Naperville?? Wow! Small world!

    Naperville, by the bye, is MUCH different than Chicago, so if you have a LOT of money, it’s probably a great place to live.


  15. I agree Darcknyt–

    Naperville and Dupage county in general are off my “Chicago Sucks” list.

    Only problem is the price or if you have to commute to work in chicago and live in dupage–forget commuting to chicago

    My parents bought their first ranch house in Elmhurst when they moved from the city for like less than 100,000 in the early 80s– its gone way off the charts–you can’t even get a shitty condo for that around here or barely anywhere in chicago

    And it should be known that Naperville is its own town of some 300,000 people


  16. Elizabeth – You are right – the issues that are most worrisome now tend not to be understood or cared about by younger people. Certainly when I was younger I didn’t even know what a property tax was, let alone cared about it. When it starts coming out of your own pocket, then you start to notice. I’ve lived all over too, and yep, every city has their problems – that’s a given. The biggest consternation for me, and the blogulars I have over on my Chicago Sucks post is that no one seems to care or want to do anything about the problems here. The politicians don’t get elected out, nothing changes, and people just shrug. And you are so right – and I could kiss you for it! – Obama is not about change of any kind. He’s a Communist through and through, and that, combined with the Chicago political background he has, makes him terrifying as a potential President!

    Oh, I know people everywhere abandon their pets, like I said in the post, I was just struck by the fact that it was someone from IL who wrote to Dear Abby about it and not someone from like, CA, where foreclosures are at record numbers.

    I hear you on the abuse thing! And I get so angry when the ones committing the abuse are the ones who are supposed to be protecting children and animals from abuse – like parents. If I had the room and money I’d probably have way more kids and pets than I do! 😀 You’re right – you could have much worse habits! And you can tell him that I think caring for other things like that can be kind of noble, actually! (As long as you’re not feeding the squirrels! 😉 ) *hugs!*


  17. Bryce – Naperville is a nice place to live! I’ve been there and how cool is that that you used to live there! Naperville is not Chicago though, and most of the issues we talk about on my Chicago Sucks post tend to be about the city and surrounding ‘burbs. Chicago has an impact on it’s neighboring cities – for instance, Palatine wants to secede from Cook Co. because of all the taxes in Chicago make Palatine residents hop over to Lake Co. to buy stuff, so Palatine businesses are losing money now.

    I have Bountiful on my “places to check out when I win the lotto” list now! Those golden streets sound awesome! Don’t they get a little hot though? And no crime! Woo! Sounds heavenly! Count me in! 🙂


  18. I live about 20 mins. outside of Chicago, and I must say- the post about “Chicago Sucks” that I agree with the most is the Canadian National post. Half of the roads out here are not dug out so that the train tracks can be elevated- I have waited upwards of 30 minutes to cross tracks that are in use by a freight train. Secondly, I would like to add- that winters are VERY depressing, the cost of living is EXTREMELY high- I am about to get married and a two bedroom apt. in the suburbs is still 1,000 dollars. Ridiculous. There’s not much to do in the burbs! The other growing problem that people don’t address much is the fact that we have thousands of college grads from the city colleges and those who are in the suburbs graduating WITHOUT JOBS. The state is in turmoil, the city is in turmoil, the counties are in turmoil, and so is our national government (see the pattern here?) So why do I live here? My family has lived here for generations….and that’s really the only reason. I hope to get out soon.

    I DO see the pattern LLP! No doubt about it!

    I think family is the #1 reason most people stay or move here. When you have that kind of support network, it’s hard to leave it for someplace that doesn’t have that … “net” if you will. I hope things work out for you! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage too. 😀


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