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Remember the other day when I told you about Zemanta, and I was crying because it only worked in the posting page online on WordPress and not in Windows Live Writer?  What?  You don’t remember?  You don’t commit every word of my posts to memory??  Shame on you!  ;)  Here’s the link if you wanted to refresh your memory.  :) 

Well about a week after I did that post, I got a very nice email from the CTO and co-founder of Zemanta, Ltd.    I know!  Isn’t that cool?!  You write a blog post about a product and then get an email from one of the designers of that product!  That rocks!  Anyway, he told me that he’d seen my post and wanted to let me know that Zemanta had released a plug-in version for Windows Live Writer.  Talk about front-door service!  And you know I downloaded that program within like 10 seconds of replying to the very nice Mr. Tori.  :) 

Since I had a few posts already queued up – I call it “future posting” – I haven’t had a whole lot of opportunity to play with Zemanta but I’ve done a little experimenting and thought I’d tell you about it. 

First of all, in case you aren’t aware, Zemanta is a plug-in for blogging.  I saw it originally as an add-on for FireFox and downloaded, but since I don’t blog from WP, I didn’t get much of a chance to use it.  I did check it out however, to see what it was about and what it was like.  What Zemanta does is take the content of your post, and go out searching the web like a hound dog to find you relevant pictures, links, and articles to go along with your post.  It makes your blog into this cool rich content thing – very dynamic and professional looking.  So I was all over that plug-in for Live Writer, cuz you know I don’t blog without it.  Even my husband mocks me about it now and he’s the one who encouraged me to try it!

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

The first time I used it after installing it, I got a Windows scripts error, but only that first time and not since, since I clicked the YES, Windows, keep running the scripts for this plug-in, I installed it didn’t I? button.  In Live Writer, I clicked the “insert Zemanta” link and it opened the program up and began processing.  I did notice that it’s a bit slower running through Live Writer than it does on WP/FireFox.  I’m going to presume that’s a Windows thing, because Windows is a resource hog and God knows I’ve only made it worse by confusing it with all the Live Writer plug-ins I have.  I love plug-ins and add-ons!  But what’s life without customization?  😉

So I did a post, and also a couple of mock ones, just to play, and I can safely say that if you blog, you’re going to love Zemanta.  (It’s good on several different blog platforms and also different browsers)  I waited until I’d pretty much finished my posts before I clicked the "insert Zemanta" link so that it would have content to search, (but that’s just me because I’ve been having some connection issues – you certainly don’t need to wait like that) and in just a moment or so it had about 4 pages of pictures to offer me, a few links, and about 2 dozen articles to choose from for inclusion into my post.  Oh, did I mention it suggests tags too?  In addition to pictures, links, and articles, Zemanta also suggests tags.  :)  Do you see yet how awesome this tool can be for blogging?  Go check it out!  Look around the site, take the Z-tour, watch the demo – and I have no doubt you’ll be using Zemanta too.  It’s awesome! 

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2 thoughts on “Zemanta!

  1. Great review, babe! I’m sure Mr. Tori is impressed. And it sounds like you certainly were, with the product. I can’t wait to try it.

    I don’t mock you, by the way, I tease in a loving manner. Big diff. 😉

    Found a couple o’ typos; you may wish to address before Mr. Tori finds your new post:

    Since I had a few posts already qued up …
    That’s “queued”. Your way sounds like you threw it on the grill over the weekend.

    I’m going to presume that’s a Windows thing, because Windows is a resource hog and God knows I’ve only made it worse with all the plug-ins I have. I love plug-ins and add-ons! But what’s life without customization?
    While true that Windows is a resource hog, there are no “plug-ins” you could integrate to make it moreso. 😉 I think you meant Firefox here. 🙂

    LTY, KOAYPP and I’m FYIEW. 😀


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