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Well … it’s over

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I had an amazing run on blog stats for about a week and a half.  I knew it couldn’t last – I mean, c’mon, people looking for funny were coming to my blog!  But it seems that WordPress has fixed that little glitch in the matrix now so I’m back to being simply the Queen of Chicago Sucks, and no longer the Empress of Funny Pictures.  Oh well, a girl had dreams.  ;) 

Our Internet is still up and running, FAST, so we are happy here in the Darc Household.  I’ve been on tenterhooks all day, waiting for it to go down again, but it hasn’t, so maybe it will hold this time.  Woo!  But, the maintenance guy that was supposed to come take care of a few things in my apartment never showed up.  I called on Friday to put my work order in, and they told me they’d have someone here on Tues.  Tuesday afternoon I called, and was told that no one put my work order in on Friday, but she promised, promised someone would be out TODAY.  Well, that was yesterday.  No one showed.  So I kept my bra on all day for nothing.  ;)  And know what that means?  I have to keep it on all day today for whenever they show up, and they probably will while I’m in the shower or something.  Hey, nothing like some strange guy walking into your apartment when you least expect it, even when you’re expecting it, you know?  My life’s just all fun like that.  :D 

And good grief, the regular season opens tomorrow night and I haven’t even made my picks yet and gotten my football posts up!  I’m lagging!  Oh noes!  Guess what I’ll be doing today?  It’s football seasonnnnnn!!  Woooooo!

Here’s a bit of funny, in case you come here looking for it.  😀 





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