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Sailin’ with Palin

Okay, I’m tired of holding it in.  For a week now I’ve been jumping with more political joy than I’ve felt in over 2 decades and I just can’t hold back any more!  I feel like I have a candidate I can be for, and not merely choose because they’re “the lesser of 2 evils.”  Sarah Palin embodies the same beliefs, the same values, the same goals as I do.  She speaks well, and points out our opponents hypocrisies with just the right touch of classy scorn.  Not too thick, but not letting them get away with their lies either.  She’s got executive experience the rest of the candidates don’t.  She walks the walk she talks about, and practices what she preaches.  Agree or disagree with her politics, how can you not admire someone who does that?  Most of us are much better at the preaching part than we are at the practicing part.  (People like Al Gore come to mind.) 

Sarah Palin is the personification of so many things I hoped to be.  And she’s a candidate I can be proud to vote for. 

I find it extremely odd though, that the media wants to claim she’s not qualified to be a Vice President.  Gee … Governor Carter was qualified to be President, Governor Clinton was qualified to be President … but Governor Palin doesn’t “have enough experience” to be Vice President?  I fail to see the difference.  Media, thy name is Fool.   

On a side note, I was reading over on the Bookworm Room about a guy who’s basically going to vote for Obama to prove he’s not racist.  Um, question.  If you’re trying to prove you’re not a racist by voting for a guy solely because of the color of his skin … doesn’t that prove you’re a racist?  I thought the dream was to look at the content of a person’s character and NOT the color of his skin.  Just sayin’. 

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