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In Remembrance

039- Manhattan skyline


Notice anything about this picture?  Specifically, notice anything missing?











How about now?  




























This is what was left, after terrorists attacked America – you and me, us.  US. 


I know there are many who just want to “move on” and “forget” what happened that day.  We cannot forget though.  If we forget, we are doomed to repeat it.  We were naive and unaware, we never thought anyone would dare to attack us on our own soil.  Not just our World Trade Center, not just our Pentagon, God only knows what our attackers other targets were, but those on Flight #93 gave their lives to make sure no other targets were hit.  We owe it to them to honor this day – not with an eye-roll or an exasperated sigh – but with solemnity.  Above all, we are Americans.  No matter our political differences, our racial differences, our religious differences, we are Americans.  And if we want to stay that way – with freedom, liberty, and justice for all – we need to be ever vigilant. 

For further reading, I recommend this article.


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