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I don’t like Ike

Isn’t kitty keeeewwwwt?  😀


Hoomin stuff indeed!  Hello Monday!  It’s been a fairly stressful weekend, what with having one of my BFF’s live right in Ike’s path.  Certainly way more stressful for her, being without power and good stuff like that, sustaining lots of damage to her home, having to listen to things battering her house in the night.  But, you know, I worry.  That’s what big sister types do, we worry.  So I’ve been on the phone to her a lot, trying to keep her up to date on what’s going on in Houston, since she doesn’t have power and can’t go online to get the news, get information, or anything.  And my other BFF lives on the edge of Ike, not in the path, but close enough to get a lot of rain and some wind.  Even up here in IL, we were warned to expect Ike remnants on Sunday afternoon.  Because you just can’t keep a good storm down.  But by the time you read this, Ike should be nothing more than a bitter memory.  Lots of damage and destruction in his wake, but still a memory.  And I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to hurricanes having boy names. 

The editing is progressing.  Slowly.  We were hoping it would go much faster, but when you have little time to dedicate to it, and are trying to raise a family, maintain a home, and worry about people you love, it leaves little time for working on things like edits.  So you’ve got a few extra days to catch up on Ghost Hunters before it’s pulled down.  Just a few, so get crackin’! 

My boy just lost his first tooth.  Sometimes I think that’s more traumatic for parents than it is for kids.  It’s like the final end of baby-hood, the last hurdle to jump, that signals kid-hood has begun.  He’ll be 7 in a couple of months and – as the proverb goes – it seems like just yesterday he was born.  It’s always so bittersweet to watch them grow.  There is sorrow in saying goodbye to the sweet baby days, the days when all you had to do was just hold your baby to make him happy and he’d fall asleep in your arms, soothed by your scent and your sound.  No longer does making silly faces and going, "Ah – BOO!" spin him into peals of hysterical baby giggles.  At the same time, I can see traces of his adult face when he sleeps and I marvel at his beauty.  He’s such an awesome, amazing boy and what a joy to see the young man emerge, bit by tiny bit.  He tells me he loves Classical music, and can we please light the candles while we listen to the music?  He tries to help his baby sister learn new things, always trying to be considerate.  Most of the time.  :)  One day, my future grandkids are going to have a great dad.  😀

But please keep praying for the Ike survivors – because there’s no such thing as a Texas victim – they survive down there!  And they do need a lot of help right now.

PS – I put my political blog up if you’re interested – Falcon’s Politics 



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