Chicago Sucks for the stressed!

Oh you KNOW I was ROFLMAO Wednesday when THIS news came out!  –>> Forbes ranks Chicago most stressful city  Thank you Forbes, for once again stating what I’ve been saying for years!  (Here’s the complete list)  And you know I laughed so hard, reading through comments on blogs, people denying that they’re stressed living in Chicago.  “We’re NOT stressed here!  *snarl* N-N-N-New YORK is WAY more stressful than Chicago is!  There’s no WAY we’re more stressed than New York!  Not in a million years!!”  So went the basic attitude.  Can you feel the air vibrating with my vindication?  And all my blogulars, over on my Why I Think Chicago Sucks post are feelin’ it too, I have no doubt! 

Listen Chicago, you have always wanted to be better than New York at something, here’s your chance!  Now you are, and you’re complaining about it?  *shaking head*  Fickle city, you are never pleased. 

We’re #1!  We’re #1!  Highest Taxes in the country, and now Most Stressed in the country.  Hmm … see any connection?  Maybe?  Just a thought.  New York, we’re gainin’ on ya!  Woo!  😉


No job? No money? No clean air? No problem.FireShot #77


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7 thoughts on “Chicago Sucks for the stressed!

  1. whatigotsofar

    Okay, I’m new here. I wasn’t around when this thing started. But I’ve taken a tiny effort to flip back and see some of this Anti-Chicago thing you’ve got going on in here. I’ve skimmed through it a tiny bit trying to find your motivation, your inspiration for this whole “Chicago sucks” thing. I’m still not sure about something. Is this a case of you having specific issues with Chicago and the city’s ruling class; or is this one of those “I don’t like the big city” things? Either case I understand. I sympathize.

    I’m not trying to defend Chicago. I’ve never been. But being from a town in the Toronto sphere of influence, I see a lot of Toronto. And the comments you have made about Chicago are very similar to the gripes I hear on a daily basis about Toronto. And a lot of people from Toronto who’ve been to Chicago cite Chicago as the city Toronto should strive to be.

    Me, personally, I have only heard good things about Chicago, (well, until I started reading your blog).

    But, seeing as this is a blog by some pseudonymed person; for all I know, you could be writing this from a small town in Russia, half way around the world from Chicago and just bad-mouthing Chicago for the sheer fun of it, without ever having been there. Gotta love the Internet!


  2. Well, this comes as no surprise. I don’t live there — only work in it — and I feel the effects. How could you not if you spent 24/7 there?

    WIGSF — No, we live here. I think Torontoans (?) should be careful what they wish for, though. This sort of “award” is what’s in store for cities striving to be like Chicago.


  3. knytstalker

    Gee Fal. You guys knew this how many years ago? LOL


  4. My favorite part :
    “…Midwestern Molotov cocktail of stress.”

    Depending on what city they chose, it could have also been:
    “…Northeastern nuclear stress reactor.”
    “…Southern summer stress storm.”


  5. WIGSF – Sadly, I’ve lived here for over 30 years, just like it says on some of the posts. And it’s easy to see I’m not in Russia by the IP address that shows up when I leave comments on your page.

    No, it’s not about being “against the ruling class” or “don’t like the big city” type of thing. It’s about the people not willing to do anything at all to change the things that need to be changed. The corruption in government, specifically.

    And I don’t bad-mouth things just for the sheer fun of it. 🙂


    Love – it’s par for the course, isn’t it. LTY


    KS – ROFL – it’s been a few decades now!


    Bryce – Those are some great lines you came up with! You should get a job with Forbes!


  6. People wonder why i can’t chill the fuck out. Articles like this Forbes one give me credibility that I am not insane.

    This is why I am happy like you.

    Who the fuck wants to live in a city THREE, THREE fucking times smaller than New York, yet still more stressed?

    Thank God for Forbes analysts looking at things objectively. If it was a Chicago panel it would say, “most relaxed city in America.”


  7. JR – No hon, you’re not insane. 🙂 But it is okay to relax about it all – really, there’s nothing we can do by complaining. So, I complain, then move on to something else. Until I need to complain again. 😉

    I had to laugh – if a Chicago panel had done the poll it would have said, “Stress? What stress? I didn’t see no stress? Richie, did you see any stress? No? See? No stress here … now move along, nothin’ to see here.”


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