A New Spin

Sometimes you run across something that impresses you, resonates, inspires.  This video did that for me. 

We had what I call a literary calamity over the weekend here in the Darc household.  I don’t know if my husband will post about it on his blog or not, because he’s pretty torn up about it, and understandably so.  Let’s just say it was a set-back of major proportions.  We’ve spent the weekend trying to shore up, re-group, grieve, and move forward.  Him, more so than me because it’s his work, but as his helper and cheerleader, I empathize with his pain.  Still, it grieves me too, because I’ve contributed to his work as much as I’m able to.  It’s always so easy to tailspin and get caught up in why the milk spilled, who spilled the milk, how much milk was spilled, what we should have done to prevent the milk from being spilled, what we’ll do to prevent the milk from being spilled in the future.  The point is, the milk was spilled and it needs to be cleaned up.  That’s all that really matters.  So you do the best you can to clean up the mess, but the scary part is putting fresh milk into the glass.  I know he’ll move on with this work of his, and I’ll be right in the thick of things with him.  Giving up is not an option, and get your glass ready Babe, because I’m pouring.  😀

Watching this video, you’ll probably laugh.  It’s kind of cute and silly.  It also reminds me that we can walk, even if we have no legs, and we can sing even if we have no voice.  It’s pushing through adversity and making do with what we have. 

Somehow, I feel free, as weird as that sounds.  On a personal level, I think something is happening in my spirit.  I can’t define it and I’m not sure I want to or need to.  I’m just riding this wave as far as I can, and enjoying it while it lasts.  It’s like – if you were to suddenly wake up with wings, would you question where the wings came from, or would you just fly?  In the meantime, I’m singing (No, don’t worry, not out loud!) and dancing (not out loud with that either!) because there is music within me.  Music my soul can hear. 

Enjoy this!

Oh, and Happy Autumn!


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4 thoughts on “A New Spin

  1. Love you babe. I’ll tell our friends about it when I’m shored up and ready. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. But thanks for being there through it.


  2. sher

    I hope I can help with whatever it is, Knyt.

    Meanwhile, that “I’m not gay” portion had me rolling in my wheelchair (It’s my desk chair, but it has wheels, so…)


  3. Babe – Love you too. And I’m always here with you. LTY.


    Sher – Isn’t that a great video? I have to say, I so admire their gumption! LOL


  4. Sherri — No, sweetie, you can’t help. I wish you could, and you’re a doll for asking, but it’s a technology thing more than a literary thing. *Sigh*


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