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Not the "Me" decade?

Um no, when something goes wrong, I find out who’s to blame.  I don’t dwell when it’s me.  See?  😉

Hippie chick – ROFL!  (Hey C!  Remember the peace-sign jewelry and bell bottom jeans in high school?  Yeah yeah, quit laughing!)


Which Decade Do You Belong To?

Your Result: 2000s – Miss Millennium

Friends tend to look at you to know what is hot, and what’s not. You are totally into the next big thing and want to be the first to know the latest scoop on everything! You are somewhat a trendsetter and are looking for something bigger and better. Friends love your forward-thinking attitude and when something goes wrong, you don’t dwell, you see what tomorrow brings.

1980s – Status Seeker
1970s – Hippie Chick
1950s – Girl Next Door
Which Decade Do You Belong To?
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