Chicago “Considering” Sucks

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Daley considering increased taxes  This is the headline I saw a couple of days ago in my online paper.  I had to laugh.  So, Daley’s “considering” raising taxes?  In nearly 20 years, when has Daley ever “considered” raising taxes and then decided not to?  Hmm?  Anyone?  Chicago already has the highest tax rates in the country, and now they’re going to go up some more, on lots of other things.  Cubs, Sox, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks fans, grab your wallets for you’re HIGH on the list, since Daley’s got an increase in “taxing major sports events” in mind.  I know Bears fans are loyal, but I foresee some games blacked out in the future.  Because the tax on parking’s going up too.  Oh, won’t be driving to the games?  Don’t worry, CTA fares are increasing also.  And don’t think you’re exempt from the tax either, music lovers!  Live music shows are getting the extra taxation too. 

But don’t worry, maybe Daley can go on the road with his new comedy act.  I’m serious!  He should think about it!  This is what he said!  “Daley said he always tries to better manage his government before turning to taxpayers.”  Have you ever heard anything funnier in your life?

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10 thoughts on “Chicago “Considering” Sucks

  1. whatigotsofar

    I hate to break it to you, but Daley seems no different from every other politician. In fact, he sounds a lot like Mayor David Miller of Toronto, except that Miller is a commie pinko.


  2. I can’t believe this is a real newspaper article. How can the highest tax base in the nation consider raising them again? Why don’t the people who live here see this?


  3. The Daley family has had a monopoly on chicago for 20 years. Anyone who runs a business is just used to this bullshit.

    As my uncle said to me when I looked at my overtaxed paycheck…

    “Get used to that.”

    Everyone is “used to it.”

    Well, if I being taxed it won’t go to that d-bag city.


  4. knytstalker

    I’m sorry you live in a place with such a corrupt government and stupid citizens that think Chicago “is the best place to be” that put up with his crap.

    WIGSF ~ Houston’s mayor Bill White is fantastic. I, along with 92% of his constituents, will miss him when he leaves office.


  5. whatigotsofar

    knytstalker – good to hear somebody likes their mayor. Wait, 92%, is that his approval rating, damn!


  6. WIGSF – I know – sometimes I wonder if Daley’s a secret pinko myself. And yeah, can you believe that 92% rating for the Houston mayor? They love him down there!


    Love – They are “tough” you know, they can take it. *rolling my eyes* LTY


    JR – More like 50 years. Richard J was mayor for 21 years starting in ’55, and I think people were just waiting for little Richie to run, after Daley the 1st died. Rumor has it also that Richie’s brother Willie is going to make a run for Gov too. We need to change the state name from IL to Daleyland.


    KS – Thanks hon. *hug* I know there’s corruption everywhere, it just seems particularly bad here in the fiefdom. Why will no one put us in charge??? 😉 Love ya!


  7. INdySIN

    This sorry excuse for a local government needs to be run out on a rail. Grand Duke Daley co. have already given us the dubious joys of the bottled water tax. What’s next, a sunlight tax? A surcharge for breathing within the city limits?


  8. Indy – They have an amusement tax, did you know that? I always joke that’s why no one smiles here. I suspect the breathing and sunlight taxes will be along soon now, and no doubt the humidity and snow taxes won’t be far behind.


  9. INdySIN

    DarcsFalcon- LOL… (sadly shakes head)- An amusement tax? I know I’m no scholar, but wasn’t arbitrary and unfair taxation one of the things that helped spark a certain lil’ Revolution we’ve all heard of? But I doubt that would ever happen here: all the Chi-town Zombies out there just keep on sullenly shambling along and if WE say anything they just start drooling and moaning for our BRAINS…BRAINS…. (because they’re jealous that we can still use enough of ours to recognize a giant armpit masquerading as a city when we see one!) But back to the point- yes, I think you may be right about that DarcsFalcon, Crapcago is NOT a happy place. But at least we can take heart knowing they can’t be getting too much cash out of any sort of ‘amusement’ tax considering how UN-happy and UN-amusing it is having to live -(if you can call being trapped here living)- in Crapcago!


  10. Indy – Yep, an amusement tax. It was designed for things like concerts and such, but I love mocking the name. It’s just too appropriate! And you are right – trapped does not equal living.


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