I can haz …

funny dog pictures with captions
see more puppies


Doesn’t this little guy just melt your heart?  Makes me want to run out and get a pet right now!

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4 thoughts on “I can haz …

  1. Kids need a goggie. Teaches responsibility. Myabe when things calm down!


  2. But doggies need room, and food and vet care … heck, we can’t even get vet care for our kids. While I love dogs (and Fal, you know this) as much as anyone, it hurts to see pics like this and know we can’t help.

    Thanks for the downer. THANKS A LOT.



  3. It’s like that commercial on TV. Oh man does that hurt when it comes on! I know and understand what you are saying. I wouldn’t have a dog until we had our house with a yard large enough. We talked about that quite a bit.

    Hope things are going well and everyone is doing good!


  4. DZ – Yeah, they get you right in the heart, don’t they? Right now, we can’t have dogs where we live. But since our furry one passed away, there’s a hole there. We’ve both had pets all our lives until the last 3 years, so it feels kind of empty without a fuzzy one around.

    But yes, we’re doing okay here. And down in the growing Zombie neighborhood? How’s things there?



    Love – We will when we can. 🙂


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