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The silliness of youth

I caught these little girls over on Blame it on the Voices and they just cracked me up.  How funny they are!  Such crushes on their favorite American Idol contestant, and their night is utterly destroyed when he loses.  Ah, the emotional intensity of adolescence!  I smirked after the video was over.  I was never that dumb, I thought to myself.  And of course, the memories had to come smack me upside the head.  Of course I was!  I had crushes on singers too, and I was silly about them too.  Yes, I’d swoon, and make them cakes on their birthdays and send them the pictures of the cakes I’d made.  Part of growing up, I suppose.  But I never cried like that.  Well, okay, once I did.  But not over a singer or rock star, oh no, not me.  I didn’t weep when Donny got married, nor any of the others I had a crush on.  There were no contests like American Idol when I was young like that.  But once I wept, bitter tears.  When?  When Carter got elected.  See?  I was political even then.  I remember it clearly, laying on my bed, beneath my Shaun Cassidy and Donny Osmond posters, the night Carter was officially inaugurated.  I wrote in my diary about how terrible life was and how the world would never be the same again and life was over, just OVER, and I might as well just DIE right NOW! 

Yep, good times, good times.  I am SO glad I’m not 12 anymore! 

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!


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