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Quite some time ago, while Darc and I were scanning through our TV shows on the DVR, there were a couple episodes of Heroes we hadn’t seen yet. 

“Wanna watch one of these?”

“Nah … I don’t feel like Heroes right now.” 

So we scanned further until we found something we did feel like watching.  I now have probably 8 episodes of Heroes backed up on the DVR, and I think it’s time to put the timer to rest, and delete the unwatched episodes.  I kept thinking I’d watch them at some point, get caught up in the series, I don’t know.  But I never felt like it.  Then I read this article, Tim Kring: ‘Heroes’ viewers are ‘saps’ and that pretty much killed it for me.  If even the creator of the show thinks I’m a sap (among other names he used) why waste my time on his crappy show?  Yeah, it was kind of fun in the 1st season.  Kind of like being asked out by the cutest boy in school.  Then you realize how much of an idiot he is and that the only thing he wants to talk about is how much the both of you love him.  Heroes pretty much felt like that.  “Aren’t I awesome?  I’m like nothing else you’ve seen on TV!”  Yawn.  How many times can one person die on Heroes?  Good grief, it just never freaking ends!  I couldn’t wrap my brain around Sylar being made into a domesticated stay at home daddy type, either.  Darc thought it made for good character development, and maybe he’s right, but please.  It felt like watching Manson sing lullabies.  *shudder*  No, thanks.  Really.  So, despite that Peter and Nathan are kind of easy on the eyes, and Mohinder is wonderfully easy on the ears, I’m done with Heroes

Delete, delete, delete.  End timer. 

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