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The Day After

So, are you suffering with post-holiday meltdown?  Letdown?  Stress?  If not, woo for you!!  If you are, I hope you recover soon. 

We, the Beloved and I, stayed up way too late watching, of all things, ghost stories, then talking about ghost stories.  Being married to a future-published horror writer, we call it “research.”  ;) 

It was a nice Christmas.  The kids were well behaved, nothing went wrong, dinner turned out pretty good, so we’re happy.  Now, the day after, what to do for the husband who does not want a big deal made about his birthday?  He always suffered from that post-Christmas-birthday syndrome as a kid, and now I want to make up for some of that, but circumstances don’t allow for that this year, and neither does he.  Sigh.  Maybe if we make it out to that French import store, Targét, I can find him a little something.  It’s warmer today, and tomorrow is supposed to be too, but I don’t know if there’s any more snow on the way.  Maybe we can sneak out before anything else falls from the sky.  Ever feel like Chicken Little? 

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your gifts.  All of them, not just the ones you got for Christmas.  🙂

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