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An Open Letter

To the guys in the car at Walmart;

You pulled up pretty much the same time we got to our car.  You could see we had a cart loaded with grocery bags.  You could see we had 2 kids we’d have to put into car seats.  Our spot wasn’t that primo, really, we were like the 3rd or 4th one in.  There were spots open a few after us too, that you passed in your race to wait for our spot.  Had you taken one of those spots just a little further down, you could have been out of your car and inside Walmart shopping by the time we finally got our stuff and kids loaded into our car. 

But no.

You had to sit there and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And in doing so you caused traffic to back up in the aisle because no one could get around you.  That pissed off the other people wanting to park their cars, which in turn caused them to honk – and make no mistake – the honking was directed at you, not me.  Everyone could see I was loading up my car, buckling in my kids, putting my cart back in the cart corral half an aisle down. 

Did you think you could rush me by just sitting there staring at me?  Did you think that would intimidate me?  If you did, you thought wrong. 

And I bet you never even realized that waiting on your lazy butts for me to finish took a lot more time than if you’d just parked a bit further out and walked a few extra feet.  Morons.

Yours, in irritated annoyance,


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