The Last Patriot

Ha, you think this is going to be a political post, don’t you?  Fooled ya!  It’s about a book!  A great book that I found on my last library forage, on my way to the checkout.  The title caught my eye and I grabbed it, and boy am I ever glad I did.

The Last Patriot is kind of like a spy novel, a thriller, and a historical reference all rolled into one.  The main character is a former Navy SEAL turned CIA counter-terrorism agent.  There’s lots of action, blood, bad guys, weapons, technology, artifacts, and intrigue.  There’s Rome, Paris, North Africa, and the USA.  Ratchet up the tension, make the reader think he’s being taken down a notch to catch his breath, then ramp it up again. 

The author, Brad Thor, has a cool website too, with descriptions of all his books, as well as a reader forum. 

Turns out the book I found is but the latest of 7 with the same main character.  I didn’t feel left out of anything though, like I was missing vital information, so the book stood alone and was very readable without having read the previous ones.  I do know I’ll be catching up on the rest of them though.  I was really relieved, because the 1st two of the other books I checked out (on different topics and not ones from this author) just didn’t do anything for me and I put them back in my library bag without getting beyond the first chapter of either of them.  I was afraid this trip was going to be a total bust, so I’m really happy it’s not.

So if you’re looking for something new to read, check out this book, you won’t be sorry.  I give it 2-thumbs up.  🙂



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One thought on “The Last Patriot

  1. whatigotsofar

    Love the name of the author.
    “Read my book or I shall descend from Valhalla and smite you with Mjollnir!”

    LOL, isn’t that an awesome name? I watched an interview with him and he was asked if that was his real name, or a pseudonym, and he says it’s his real one. His father was a Marine – can you imagine? Major Thor! 😀


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