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On a hot streak!

Okay, you all know I’m not a funny person, but I’m on a humor roll lately!  Seriously, for 3 years in a row now I’ve made at least 1 funny crack that’s made my husband laugh out loud.  It’s a streak!  First I got him with the “whopperhole” comment a couple of years ago.  Then last year I had him in stitches over the “Rockwell with a twist of King” reference.  And the other night I had him with a new word I made up.  🙂

He’d asked me to read over one of his posts before he published it, and I was cracking up while reading it.  Have you ever had it happen that you read something incorrectly?  He’d written, “Anyway, I doubt any of you need me to tell you what the movie is about.”  I read, “Anyway, I doubt think any of you …”  So I said, “Oops, there’s a typo here.” 

He leaned down to see the monitor, an edge of panic in his voice, “Where?” 

I pointed to the screen and as I did, I saw that there really wasn’t a typo but that I’d misread it.  Trying to cover my own butt I said, “Oh wait, it’s not a typo after all … it’s an … eye-po.”  Anything to avoid saying, ‘I was wrong’!  😉

He started laughing – and believe me when I tell you – that’s NO easy feat for me!  “Did you read that in one of your tweets?” he asked.

“No … “

“You mean you just made that up?  Really?  All by yourself?  That’s pretty good!  You should tweet that.”  High praise from Caesar.  *snort*

So that’s my new word, eye-po, use it with love and think of me.  I’m still on my funny streak and boy, I’m heating things up.  Lord knows what I’ll come up with next year!  Think I can get a gig in Vegas?  😉


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