I confess

I have a thing about hats. 

Not just any hats, but specifically baseball hats.  They were made to be worn during the play of baseball, but now, for some unknown reason, they’re pretty much a “fashion” thing.  No one walks around wearing football helmets or hockey masks for pleasure (Jason aside) but somehow, wearing a baseball cap all the time is just fine. 

But the cap can’t be worn in the normal way – with the bill forward to keep the sun out of the eyes; oh no, they have to be worn sideways, tilted, or God forbid, backwards. 

Do people know how dorky they look when they do that??


I guess not. 

Let me point you to the exhibit below – the Chicago Cubs fan. 

Notice the bill of the cap. 

Notice the angle of the sun.

Now, I know it’s a Cubs fan, and my feelings about Chicago are now renown, but please!  For Pete’s sake!  Cubs fans aren’t the only ones doing this.  If you’re going to wear the hat, at least wear it the right way!


But there is no cap-wearing abuse worse than this one!  Apparently it’s called the “Jersey Boy Visor.”  I call it stupid.  Seriously!  You look like a duck trying to catch snowflakes when you wear a visor upside down and backwards like that!  Now just stop it!  Right now!


In summary, this is me every time I see someone wearing a cap or visor like the above examples.  My eyes are getting a little tired from all the rolling.  Either take it off or wear it right. 

‘Nuff said!












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9 thoughts on “I confess

  1. I refuse to conform to your Nazi-esque hat-wearing standards! NEVAH!

    🙄 I know. Oh Lord, how I know. *sigh*


  2. kreestee

    I hate the baseball cap when people wear it the wrong way too. The only time I wear one – from my quasi-alma mater, Kent State – is when we’re running errands on a Saturday morning and I’m too lazy to do my hair. I just tuck it behind my ears, slap the cap on, and head out the door.
    Besides, Ben thinks it’s cute 😉

    Don’t even get me STARTED on the trucker hats… damn Ashton Kutcher to hell for reviving *that* particular trend.

    When I was a girl and needed to hide the hair, we wore bandanas – you know, what I mean, right? The handkerchief thing? Where you tie it under your hair at the back of your neck? That’s what we did. Hats were not allowed, but that may have been a school thing – we couldn’t wear pants either.

    And I guess I’m out of the loop on trucker hats. I thought truckers wore baseball caps but apparently I was mistaken. Can you clue me in?


  3. Hilarious. You know, I really don’t mind the backwards cap. Sometimes when you’re wearing a cap, the bill can get in the way, but maybe you don’t have anywhere to put the hat, so, ok, flip it around. But anything off-center is just foppish.

    I think for girls, the hat-wearing rules are completely different–usually when we wear a ball cap it’s for practical reasons. Guys just pick one accessory and then wear it all the time without thought. We accessorize with a purpose. Also, most girls have longer hair, so we can’t be constantly messing with our hats like I’ve seen guys do, because our hair would become a rat’s nest. Plus then we’d have to re-tuck, and everybody would get a glimpse of the mess underneath, so…ya know.

    I can see flipping it backwards if it gets in the way, but then it should be flipped back when you’re done doing whatever. Foppish – love that word!

    I think the rules for girls are different too. I used to wear hats in my teens and 20’s but never baseball caps. More like a fedora type thing. Baseball caps are just … well … they’re for baseball! And keeping the sun out of your eyes if you don’t have sunglasses.


  4. Oh futility, hilarious!

    LOL I love that picture! Feels like something I do every day, too! For a long time I wanted to get Darc that t-shirt that mocked the Sixth Sense movie that said, “I see stupid people.” I think it’s his motto. 😉


  5. I completely agree with everything that you have written here. Actually, I would prefer a world entirely without baseball caps at all. There are so many classier types of lids, like the fedora or a nice top hat.

    Yeah! Fedoras are awesome! And cowboy hats too – although some people shouldn’t be allowed to wear cowboy hats. Ooh, top hats, now we’re stepping into the high fashion! I love the styles from the 40’s – they had so much class. I miss it, and I wasn’t even there.


  6. Oh I so love my baseball caps especially when I am having a bad hair day. I have to confess I only wear it the proper way, I might be a SoccerMom but that is where I draw the line of living on the edge!

    LOL, yeah, I try to stay away from the edges too! I don’t need that much excitement. 😉


  7. Oh no–it’s official–I’m a dork! I have a few baseball caps and yes, I’ve worn them backwards! I have short, spikey hair that sometimes looks worse in the back than the front so I’ll use the brim to cover the mess!
    In the winter, I wear hats every day. They are usually little “jeff caps” or something more stylish than a baseball cap, though….

    Don’t worry, we can all be dorks together. 🙂 I may not wear baseball caps, but my dorkiness comes out in varied and unexpected ways!

    Like now – I have to ask – what is a “jeff cap”?


    • Well it’s probably not even a real style, I bet. It’s what my mom calls those little caps that have a brim and the top is a little poufier than a regular baseball cap. Maybe like an old-fashioned paperboy hat? Oh gosh I don’t know, all I do know is it hides my Heat Miser hair 🙂

      Oh okay! I can picture an old newsboy cap! Sort of like the Irish caps – I used to have one of those. 🙂


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