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Tuesday Tootsies, guys too!

For some reason, I wondered what the most expensive shoes in the world looked like.  And how much they cost.  How’s 14K for a pair of boots for the ladies?  $1,800 for the gentlemen?  Those were the most expensive “off the rack” shoes I could find.  Custom made ones are no doubt even more expensive, at least the designer ones. 

Now, I love shoes.  And if money were no object I could see paying a lot of money for shoes.  But to me, “a lot of money” for shoes, if I were wealthy, is maybe up to $500.  Maybe I’m cheap, I don’t know, but I have a limit on spending where I can only say, “That’s ridiculous!  I’m not paying that much!”  If I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t throw it around on stuff like that.  Darc once mentioned draping me in jewels and I declined, telling him I’d only want a few good pieces but mostly costume jewelry so I could buy lots, and not worry about theft.  What’s the point in spending thousands on jewels if you won’t wear it because you’re afraid someone will steal it?  *shrug*  That’s just me. 

I do find, however, while looking at these “most expensive” shoes, that I don’t have the “champagne tastes” that I was always accused of having.  For the most part I was like “Meh” while checking them out.  The Gucci boots were cool, and those sparkly, strappy little pink things were too, but overall, I’ll pass.  And the men’s shoes?  Honey, some of those I wouldn’t let my son or husband wear in public! 

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