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Tuesday Tootsies

When I was a little girl, hot pants, mini-skirts, bell bottoms, and platform shoes were all the rage.  That’s what the cool teenagers wore, and Lord knows, I wanted to be a cool teenager when I grew up.  I guess I still do, because I still love those things, especially the platforms.  🙂

A song that was really popular went through my mind the other day, and it seemed appropriate for Tuesday Tootsies, so I included it below.  Ah, the late ‘60’s/early ‘70’s fashions still make me smile! 


I have always loved boots, I will always love boots, and lace up platforms are still groovy to me.  :D  I may be ultra conservative in every other area of my life, but when it comes to fashions, these just warm my heart.  I love the shiny patent leather, love the lace up, and being the shortie that I am, I love the 6” heel.  Wow man, these are totally boss, bitchin’ even! 








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