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Made my day


Something neat happened to me this weekend.

We had to go to Wally World.  The kids are wearing Ark pants and Sunday socks, so they needed some new clothes.  For those of you who missed the Christian grade school experience in the ‘70’s, Ark pants are floods – Ark, flood, get it?  *snort* and Sunday socks are so named because they’re all hole-y.  You know, hole-y … holy, Sunday, the Lord’s Day.  Yeah, like I said, you had to be there.  😉

Anyway, while we were browsing around, I felt Darc nudge my shoulder and I turned around and saw two young men in their Navy whites – the “crackerjack”, shopping with an older lady.  I snapped my fingers to my brow in salute, as did Darc, and we both said thank you.  They smiled and nodded, as did we, and then we went off to try to find some pants for the princess.

Several minutes later, the woman who’d been with the young men spotted me.  “Oh there you are!  I wanted to thank you for what you did for my boys – they just graduated today, so it was pretty special to them for someone to thank them for their service, so thank you for doing that for them.”  I congratulated her, commented on how proud she must be.  She smiled, and I smiled and thanked her for telling me that.  She walked away and I felt myself get all teary.

Darc found me right about then and asked me what happened, so I told him what the lady said.  It just struck me in a tender spot somehow.  This woman, this mother, with two sons going into the Navy, thanked me for saluting her boys.

I guess it’s hard to describe why that touched me so.  I was thinking, that’s the least I can do, when I owe them so much more.  It’s more than just young men, and women, going into service to protect America.  I am America, and they are going off to protect me, and my children.  It’s the millions of me, of us, that make America, so yeah, I take it personally.  And this woman thanking me for my gratitude – when she’s the one with sons going into the Navy, making the sacrifice – it just touched me.  She was so gracious, and in thanking me for making her boy’s day, she totally made mine.

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