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Mish Mash


So my husband sent me a link the other day, something he thought might help me with blog fodder.  It’s supposed to provide people with ideas for creative writing, blogging, etc.  I saw this picture and what popped into my head was a joke I heard when I was little.

Q. What goes hahahahahahahaha-plop?
A. Someone laughing his head off.


My husband also recorded a program for me, about the Zodiac killer.  When we watched it, both of us were almost alarmed at what they were trying to pass off as some kind of investigative journalism.  Ohmygosh it was so lame!  Someone was accusing a man dead 5 years of having been the Zodiac because they thought he sort of looked like the police sketch, so they tried to get a DNA sample of the man.  The dead man’s friend had letters, and the letters indicated that the dead man wasn’t even in CA at the time of at least one of the killings – but they wanted his DNA anyway.  They “confirmed” that a recording of the dead guy was proof positive voice comparison to a phone call the Zodiac made after one of the killings.  Their proof?  The recollection – the 40 year recollection mind you – of the woman at the police station who answered the phone.  Yeah, that would hold up in court.  :roll: 

I did some reading a couple of years ago of some extensive research into the Zodiac killings, from articles posted in the Napa Sentinel.  Turns out it’s now defunct and the links and articles are gone but genius me had the brilliant idea to copy the articles and email them to myself, so I still have them if anyone wants to read them.  I’m pretty convinced the Zodiac was actually a team of guys.  Maybe I’ll make a page here on the blog and post them there. 


In other news, there isn’t any.  It’s time for me to begin my nightly ritual of book dancing.  *snort*

Yeah, my Love,



image .

By the way, Happy October!

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