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I’ll be your huckleberry!

We finally managed to score our library’s copy of Tombstone again this past weekend.  It’s been a while!  Seems like for months, every time we went to reach for it, it was gone.  Gone!  Who else would be so taken with the movie as we are?  Seems a lot of people, because it’s been months since the last time we were able to grab it.

I’m not sure what it is about that movie that I love so much.  I am completely enthralled with Kilmer’s portrayal of Doc Holliday.  Must be something about smart-ass men that appeals to me on some base level.  Vicarious living, perhaps.  😉

One day I’m going to buy this movie.  Maybe even 2 copies, just in case something happens to 1.  Favorite movie of all time?  Well now, I dunno.  At least in the Top 5.  Betcha never really pegged me for a Western girl.  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either.  😀


Doc Holliday – Tombstone (Three Funny Scenes)

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