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Tuesday Tootsies

When I was a very little girl, and fell in love with the Monkees, one of the things that drew me in were the knee-high fringe moccasin boots that Peter wore.  If I’d had the phrase back then, I’d have said, “Those are the most kick-ass boots EVER!” even if I would have gotten MY ass kicked for it.  I fell in love with those boots, and all my life I have wanted a pair of fringe knee-high suede moccasin boots.  All. My. Life. 

So in honor of Tuesday Tootsies – and remember, this is fantasy – money is no object and falling off of high heels is not possible, so anything goes – here are some of the coolest, knee-high fringe boots I could find.  Sadly, I guess I didn’t need a picture of Peter wearing some, because I couldn’t find such a photo.  Google failed me.  Without further ado …

image image image image image image image image

I adore the fringeyness of it all, I love all the colors – and this display ain’t nothing.  I saw tons of colors – especially on the page with the pink boots.  I love the tall ones, the short ones, the heeled ones, the flat ones – I am in fringe boot heaven right now.  I already have 2 suede fringe jackets – I kid you not – and so many of these boots would go great with them.  I need that winning lottery ticket soon, so I can go fringey boot shopping.  Who’s goin’ with me?

(as always, click the pics for the links)

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