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Proven Guilty

I so need to sit on a jury.  I swear, the criminal justice system needs me! 

I watched a case this evening about a young woman whose husband died of a freak cardiac arrest.  He was a young Marine, the picture of good health, but no one would believe he’d died of a heart attack.  And because the young woman got a boob job and slept with a few Marines a few months after her husband’s death, she was deemed guilty, a gold digger who’d killed her husband for the $250,000 life insurance policy the military automatically has on it’s members.  It was about a year after the young Marine’s death that NCIS finally had a heavy metals test run on some tissue samples they had, (they sent it out to an independent lab) and they came back ARESENIC!  So they dug up all the dirt they could find on this woman until they felt they had enough to take it to the DA. 

During the show Darc and I noted that the woman was not wearing the fashionable attire given to the women in the prison system, so we knew she was a free woman.  Darc said, “How is she out?”
”Because the prosecution didn’t have enough to convict apparently.”

I mean, she sounds guilty, right?  Big boobied slut. 

Things began to unfold as we watched.  Turns out those tissue samples – of which there were 6 – only 2 showed any trace of arsenic and 4 did not.  NOT.  Which means that arsenic could not have been present in his body because arsenic doesn’t work that way.  This is why you want me on the jury, because I know stuff like this.  Turns out the DA’s star arsenic expert testified against them and for the defense, stating the tissue samples had been tainted somehow.  And no it wasn’t his lab that had done the testing.  Turns out this woman wasn’t totally irresponsible with the insurance money – she paid off all their obligations – even those solely in her husband’s name that she wasn’t even liable for, put half aside in a trust fund for the kids, and with the little bit left over got the boob job because it was something her husband was in support of her getting.  He’d given her a card – “I hope this time next year we have enough to afford it,” or words to that effect.  And so she slept with a few men after her husband died.  Okay, not exactly appropriate, but hey, grief does weird things to people and she’s a young woman, I can imagine her feeling lonely and in want of some companionship. 

So, is she still sounding so guilty now?

She spent over 2 years in prison because the jury convicted her.  That’s right, despite the fact that there was no evidence that she poisoned her husband, the jury convicted her because the prosecution decimated her character.  Had I been on that jury, it would have been hung, that’s for sure!  I could never convict someone on so little evidence and I am appalled and ashamed that so many stupid people sit on juries. 

Finally, one day still sitting in prison and keeping her fingers crossed during the appeals process, the head of the prison called her down and told her she was going home.  Why?  Turns out the lab had found more tissue samples of her dead husband and run more tests.  No arsenic.  The other results had been tainted – exactly as the expert had testified to!  So the DA was dismissing the charges against her and vacating her conviction.

And she’s one of the lucky ones!  Check out Ryan Ferguson!  Convicted for a murder there was zero evidence connecting him to, but because his friend had a dream, and because the jury “could just tell,” he’s been sentenced to 40 years in prison.  I so wish I’d been on that jury!  I’d have hung that one too!  After I smacked them around for being so stupid.  When there’s no evidence, you can’t convict!  Whether or not you think he “looks” guilty, or just because the defendant didn’t react “like they should” is not a reason to convict, period.  You have to go by the evidence.  “Feelings” shouldn’t even be allowed into the jury room. 

See?  The criminal justice system needs me!

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