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Thursday Thankfulness

It’s Thursday – and I’m Captain Obvious!  🙄

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now, I guess with Thanksgiving coming up and all.  I’ve been thinking about thankfulness, and somehow implementing that here on my blog, you know, like Tuesday Tootsies.  Only, I want to do it a bit less … I don’t quite know how to put it.  Less violins, I guess.  Obviously there are things I’m grateful for, big important things like my husband, my children, and my salvation.  I’m talking about taking a few minutes each week to find things I’m grateful for that might be a bit off the beaten path. 

Today I am grateful for coffee.  image

I didn’t start drinking the stuff until I was about 18, and friends used to crack, “Make sure to add some coffee with that sugar and cream!”  I still can’t drink it black, but now I use fake sugar instead of the real stuff, and I still use cream too.  I’ve gone through decaf phases too, where I tried to stay clean off the caffeine.  Nowadays, I have coffee every day.  Must have coffee.  Not necessarily always full strength – at least in the afternoon. 

I think of coffee as being a social lubricant.  Let’s meet for coffee.  Let’s get together for some coffee and cake.  We’re going to a coffee clatch.  Klutch?  Whatever.  Coffee spins my wheels and gets my gears going.  Without it, I get headaches and can’t think clearly.  Clearly I’m addicted, and frankly, I’m good with that.  As far as addictions go, there are a lot worse things to be addicted to than coffee.  ;) 

Not much beats getting up to a pot already brewed, which is why coffee pots that have an automatic brew cycle are a must-have for me.  I hate waiting those 10 minutes for it to be done.  Of course, waking up to a loving mate who’s run to McDonald’s and brought back breakfast with coffee is a wonderful treat too. 

So, to kick off Thursday Thankfulness, won’t you join me in a cup of the brew, a cup of joe, a cup of java, a big ol’ cup of coffee and celebrate the day?  😀

Also, image

Did you know it’s National Kitteh Day?  I didn’t either!  Go have some feline fun.  :)  And by that, I don’t mean pick on a cat.  Don’t be like my husband, who likes to say, “I love cats … I think they’re delicious!”  Be nice to kitteh today! 


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