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Tuesday Tootsies

It’s the Tuesday before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Those tootsies are stirring
To find a matching blouse

No, I’m not really a poet. 

Anyway, in honor of this being Christmas week, I found a few things to put some twinkle on your toes.  This first pair may or may not be bowling shoes, but I thought the little Santa on them was cute.  🙂



In case you can’t read these, they say, “Yes, I believe in Santa.”  Love the neon green!  Looks like the stuff they put on hot dogs around here.  😉



Aww, don’t you just want to pinch the little nose?  I wonder if it has a squeaker in it?



Here we go!  Put these on for the husband who’s been really good.  If you know what I mean and I think you do!  ;)  Love the little dingle ball! 


Another pair for those who want to do Christmas the sexy way.  Woo!  Or should I say, “Ho, ho, ho!”  😉



Here ya go, some jolly red shoes to go with your Santa suit.  🙂


As always, click the pics for the links and have yourself a merry little Christmas tootsies day.  😀

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