What’s Your International Spy Name?

Bambi Swan?  What kind of spy game am I running here? 


Your International Spy Name is Bambi Swan
Your Code Name: The Acrobat

You Reside in: Stockholm

Why You’re a Good Spy: You’re sneaky

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6 thoughts on “What’s Your International Spy Name?

  1. wigsf

    I’m Johnny Hardcock from Edinburgh.
    My specialty is pounding females spies for information.

    You know, Peter would have been better as a first name there, Johnny. 🙄 Or Johnson. I should not have expected anything less from you in spy names.


  2. Your International Spy Name is Medusa Supernova
    Your Code Name: The Pharmacist

    You Reside in: Rome

    Why You’re a Good Spy: You’re a good lover

    WOWIE! I can hardly wait for hubby to get home so I can tell him!! ROFL

    Wowie is right! That is some spy name you got going on there! LOL


  3. steve

    Mine was too stupid! I sure hope you guys have a great weekend!

    I bet it wasn’t nearly as bad as you think!

    Have a great weekend too, Steve. 😀


  4. Kate

    Countess X from Cairo. Woohoo, mysterious and exotic. And a leopard. 😀

    Now THAT is sexy! Woo! 😀


  5. Christian Jenkins

    Awww i copied and pasted the info, but it didn’t show up. Well good thing i wrote it down. My international spy name is Viper Steel. My code name is Fingercuffs and i’m a good spy because i’m agile. i also reside in Tokyo. I always wanted to visit Japan xD


    • After you click the link and you go to the web site, there’s a place you can click to get the html code to display it. WordPress doesn’t allow javascript, so maybe that’s why it didn’t show up for you.

      Thanks for playing along, Christian! 🙂


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