Tuesday Tootsies

So my blogger bud Mind of a Mom sent me this picture when she came across it – the title was Air Jordan.  Personally, I’d rather pay for the real thing.  And guys just shouldn’t wear flip-flops.  After seeing this picture, do you really need to ask why?!?!?!  😉

Thanks for the picture MoM, you have no idea what a life saver you were today!


And then I found this – and since I know that MoM works for Kleenex, I thought it kind of fun to put this one up in her honor. :D 


That worked out well!  Considering I didn’t even get a connection until – well you don’t want to know what time it is!  LOL

Be nice to your tootsies, they take you everywhere you go.  😉

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

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  2. whatigotsofar

    Feet are ugly and should be covered as much as possible.

    My son feels that way too. When he was a tiny guy we couldn’t keep socks on him – had to cut the feet out of his jammies. Now he won’t go barefoot to save his life.


  3. I love those pictures. I’m always in flip-flops – even though I have the hairy toes of a Hobbit (don’t worry I shave them).

    Hairy hobbit toes, LOL. 😀 I don’t wear shoes that have a thingy that go between my big toe and the other toes. That just drives me crazy. I did a post here once on flip-flops. Lots of strong opinions on that one!


  4. Hey Ness
    Thank you for the honor! We have an instruction book a work on how to make slippers from sanitary napkins!! I think they would be way more comfy then the Kleenex boxes.

    *thud* Sanitary napkins? Seriously? That would be so awkweird! LOL

    My pleasure for the honor – thanks for the email!


  5. The Kleenex box shoes are killer, but I can’t imagine walking very far in them.

    As for the flip flop dude…he needs shoes.

    LOL Yeah, Mr Flip-Flop needs some real shoes badly. Neither the tat nor the flips are working for him.


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