Thursday Thankfulness

image Library computers.  I hate them, yet I am thankful for them.  For all the reasons why I hate them, see yesterday’s post.  Today, I am focusing on the grateful. 

I think it’s wonderful that we live in a time when libraries aren’t just about books.  There is so much there to take advantage of.  Computers are just one aspect.  Do you remember when computers cost thousands of dollars?  It wasn’t that long ago.  Few folks had email and Internet service was kind of expensive. 

Now you can walk into your local library, plunk your butt down and use a computer for free.  Free!  Seriously, that’s pretty amazing.  Yes, you’re limited in a lot of what you’re permitted to do, the library has to protect it’s investment after all, but still, that’s pretty cool.  Where else can you go to find someone who will let you just walk in and start using their computer and Internet connection? 

So while it’s on the frustrating side to have to go to the library – still it’s one of those things where I can say in all honesty, “Thank you Lord, for the opportunity and freedom to do that.”  🙂

Anything you’re feeling particularly grateful for this week?


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10 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

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  2. whatigotsofar

    My family’s first computer cost 3000 Canada dollars in 1987. It was a PC, 8088 processor, 640 KB of RAM, 20 MB hard drive, 5 1/4″ double density floppy drive, CGA graphic card. I miss it. Oh how I miss that old machine.

    The old ones certainly had their good points, didn’t they?


  3. Bob

    when i vacationed in Calgary we used library computers to check our mail.

    They are good in a pinch, but not for regular use, I think anyway.


  4. steve

    I’ve used the local library computers in times past, as there was a few months I didn’t have one. I’ve bought only laptops since then as I need the portabliity. My first one was a Compaq 620 something or other. I’m pretty thankful for my current one. 95% of my blogging and computer work is done while I’m at work, expect for on weekends of course.
    So, there you have it.

    My husband really likes laptops. I just can’t manage to get to liking them. The portability is awesome, but I can’t ever seem to type very well on them. The keys just drive me crazy. And here I am on this little one because my desktop is broken and this little laptop is the only computer in the house that manages to get a connection at all, so we don’t dare move it. Don’t you just love irony? 😉


    • steve

      Yes ma’am.
      you can get full sized wireless keyboards and ‘mouses’ (mice? meese? :)) fairly cheap to make your laptop more like a desk top computer at home.

      Looking forward to Friday Funnies! 😉

      We have a mouse for it – it used to be my husband’s computer a few years ago but the poor thing is so beat up now. One day, as God is my witness, I will have my own computer and Internet access again! 😀

      How’d you know what I was posting tomorrow? Either I’m very predictable or you’ve been peaking over my shoulder. LOL 😉


  5. I’m thankful the library has printers since I don’t have one. It is much cheaper to pay a few cents to print something rather than invest in the ink and the printer.

    Printers are cheap – they get you with the ink. Just like coffee makers are cheap and they get you with the filters. If you don’t have a lot of printing to, what you’re doing is the best way, I think.


  6. I have not been to a library in a long time. I would imagine they have the same thing here but until I can be sure I’m going to be thankful you have the library with a computer because I get to have a good blog-friend!

    Awww! You’re so sweet to me! Thanks hon! 🙂 *hugs* I feel the same way.


  7. We have computers in the library and in the local Community Centre – I’ve been grateful for those before.

    It’s nice to have something when you’re in a pinch, isn’t it?


  8. Onyx

    Library computers surely are a blessing, I’ve had to use our local one many times.

    I like that you take time to really think about something you’re thankful to have in your life each week. It’s something I think everyone should take time to consider. (:

    Thank you sweetie, what a nice thing to say. 🙂

    I’m thankful to having an amazing boss. He’s only in the store once a week now because he’s a group manager, as well as our store manager, and it’s been awfully slow with no one coming in to drop heaps of cash, so his boss is freaking out, and is very quick to blame us (the underlings) for no one coming in, but my boss defends us 100%, he’s always willing to put his name on the line for us. So yes, I am thankful to have a boss, who genuinely cares for his employees.

    I think you really are lucky – most people who are fortunate to even have a job, usually have a boss they don’t like.


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