imageI think it’s time for a rant, don’t you?  I haven’t had a good rant in a long while. 

Over the weekend, we had to tend to the family larder so we headed off to do some gathering at the old grocery store.  Is there some kind of law or something that declares that other shoppers must be jerks?  If there is, I missed the memo. 

Darc and I have our routine, because we like to get out of the store in as timely a fashion as possible.  So, we both transfer items from the cart to the belt, and by the time the cashier is finished with the customer in front of us, I move to the baggage area and put the bags back into the cart while Darc finishes up the last few remaining cart items, and does the pay thing.  So, he’s the one that tends to get harassed the most by this kind of person.  It’s the one who has no concept of personal space, and/or hasn’t taught their kids the concept.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him get rammed from behind (STOP those nasty thoughts you perverts!) by someone else’s cart, or child.  To make matters worse, this weekend the lady behind him actually started re-arranging our items on the belt so she could put her stuff on in her own way.  Rather than wait the 2 minutes it would have taken for our things to move down and make space, oh no, she had to shove our stuff aside. 

Darc was fuming, but because I was putting the bags into the cart at the other end of the check-out, I didn’t see what was going on.  He told me about it on the way to the car though, and I half wanted to march back into the store and start moving that lady’s stuff around.  I started thinking about what I would have done had I been the one back there, putting the last few items on the belt.  And I know exactly what I would have done.  I’d have pushed her things back, smiled, and said, “Sorry, I still have some things to put on the belt, thanks.”  And made her wait.  Because passive-aggressive is more my style.  Don’t get me wrong, I can be full-on aggressive when it’s necessary, but in that situation, that’s what I would have done.  And I realized how often we have to deal with crap like that, just going to the doggone grocery store, and it feels like the people we come across are literally ramming themselves down our throats.  I just want to get my milk and go home!  Whatever happened to manners and courtesy?!

So lady, if you’re reading this, keep your damn hands to yourself and off my stuff!  I have no idea where you’ve been, so don’t touch what’s not yours!



We sat down to dinner and a movie on Mother’s Day – and I picked the movie this time and made everyone else suffer through my choice.  MiniNess looked at the TV and said, “Mommy has the remote, right?”  And Daddy replied, “Heh, it’s only Mother’s Day, baby girl, NOT the apocalypse.  I have the remote.” 

Now you know.  😉

So, how was your weekend, what did you do?  🙂


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11 thoughts on “TACT

  1. whatigotsofar

    If this is how angry you get when somebody moves your sausages; what kind of fury do you unleash if some woman tries to shift your husband’s sausage from right to left?

    If some woman tried to do that to my husband, I would fully expect my husband to deal with it. He knows who his sausage belongs to. And if he didn’t deal with it effectively, he’d probably have a lot of respect for my friends Smith and Wesson, and he’d listen to their advice on how to proceed.

    Little known Falcon fact – I do have a violent streak and am apt to erupt when pissed and I’ve been known to take people completely by surprise. *evil grin* I just save that for the really important stuff. It’s important to pick your battles, you know!


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  3. LOL You make me smile a lot.

    Awww! I sure have missed you! I hope classes are over and you can get back to your regularly scheduled life? *hugs*


  4. Onyx

    People in grocery stores drive me mad.
    And people who don’t have a system.
    And people who just shouldn’t be allowed to leave their homes, let alone drive cars.

    And people who just need killin’! 😉

    My fiance is a department manager at the grocery store here, and customers on a grocery retail level are simply ignorant, dumb, and obnoxious. I hate when you are waiting in a big line up (I don’t mind the waiting, I mind the idiots) and the lady ahead of you had 10 minutes to get her debit card/cash/points card out, but she didn’t do it. It makes me want to throw my purse at her and yell “you had TIME to wait, you BITCHED about the time you were spending waiting, why not get your SHIT TOGETHER!!!”

    Oh yeah, the complainer! The one who’s guilty of all the crap she complains about! I know her!

    My friend’s Mum is high-larious when it comes to customers running into her, ESPECIALLY one’s who don’t apologize! An accident is an accident, but geez people need to learn to say “excuse me/pardon me/oh sorry/didn’t mean to bump you there!” I ran into her in the store one day, and a man came up behind her and hit her with his cart, didn’t say excuse me, or sorry… she said “oh sorry there!” then quickly looked angry and yelled “no, no I’m not sorry! you should be the sorry one, you hit me!” He turned beat red and booked it to the dairy isle.

    Now that’s some style! LOL

    Sadly, customers are like this, on a whole, in all forms of retail, and they all make me want to yell at them. It makes me strive to be an excellent customer when I see idiots prancing around without any common sense.

    Yeah, it’s good to want to set a good example. That’s what I tell myself and my kids anyway!

    I’m glad you had a great Momma’s Day! What movie did you watch?

    Thanks sweetie. 🙂 I picked Sleeping Beauty. My fave Disney movie. We don’t have a ton of videos and we haven’t seen that one in a while.

    We went to visit my future-in-laws for our nephew’s 1st birthday, it was a hoot (: he had a blast, and we did, too.

    Oh, 1st birthdays are so awesome! I love the frosting fingers and faces. 😀 I wish I could still get away with smearing myself in frosting too, wouldn’t that be fun? 😉

    Glad you had a good time. 🙂


  5. steve

    I don’t usually have much trouble in the grocery store. It doesn’t take long to gather some ham, cheese, bread and mayonaise. I suppose my “don’t f%#k with me” demeanor when in line keeps most folks from getting too close. 🙂
    I worked Saturday; Sunday I trimmed shrubs around my home. And of course Sandy needed his hair trimmed. I had bought some clippers to take care of that and now he’s a handsome little man.

    Darc has that demeanor too, but when he’s got his back to people while loading up the belt, they can’t see it. He can do this glare thing that would send shivers down the stoutest of hearts. I’d love to see your “Don’t f*ck with me” demeanor! 😀

    It’s so much nicer to do the puppy grooming yourself, isn’t it? I swear, when we had a puppy, she had to go to the groomer every couple of months – I was so jealous! LOL I wanted to go to the salon at least as much. 😀


  6. Oh man, I was in the self-checkout line scanning my things when a lady pushed her cart up behind me. It was a bit close. But then–THEN–the teen daughter came around to get the stuff out, and instead of telling mom to move it back a bit, she just wedged herself between the cart and me. I couldn’t move my left arm. I waited a moment to see if she would move on her own, but she didn’t so I elbowed her. She didn’t notice. I said, “Do you MIND?” and the mom finally pulled the cart back. I was fuming by that time, though, and if they had said one word to me I might have cussed at them with my daughter standing right there. And I don’t yell at strangers, normally. OMG

    You know, lil sis, for you to have such a reaction, I can tell they must have really struck a nerve. Oh my goodness, there’s a firecracker under that gentle, soft-spoken Southern charm and one of these days, you’re going to stop holding back. It’s gonna be awesome!


  7. I hate it when your stuff is all bagged up and you’re trying to pay but the customer behind you moves forward too soon and breathes down your neck, whilst you’re entering your card PIN number. I make a huge display of shielding my PIN and tutting.

    I hate that! I always try to give them some space, and my kids ask why we haven’t moved up more when there’s clearly some room and I always tell them it’s because we’re letting the other people finish their turn before we move up to the counter. Hopefully, they’ll remember such lessons when they’re grown-ups. 🙂 I’ll have to remember that tutting thing – does it work well? 😉


  8. That proves it we are sisters! I am so the same way, don’t touch my stuff, if you want it go to the isle and get one of your own!

    We are, we are! Yay, it’s so good to find you! 😀


  9. That kind of stuff happens to me all the time. I have come to the realization that people don’t have any manners. It isn’t the younger generation, the rudest people I encounter are my age or older.

    Recently I had some guy stand at my elbow while I was paying. I very unpolitely told him to back off. He seemed shocked that I would say anything. People will push you as far as you let them.

    I’ve noticed that too – that it’s not always younger people, it’s often those my own age. I came to the conclusion long ago that age doesn’t bring wisdom or maturity.
    Age only brings older.

    That’s true though, that people will push you as far as you let them. That one’s been a hard lesson for me to learn, but I think I’ve got it now. 🙂


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