Tuesday Tootsies

So I saw these boots, and if they didn’t have a rodent inside, they’d actually be pretty awesome boots.  You could put flowers or bells, or polished rocks inside there, paint your toenails to match, and have some rockin’ boots. 

And it gave me the idea to look for animal shoes.  No, not shoes you put on animals, like horseshoes, but shoes made from animals, depicting animals sort of thing.  This is what I found.




MUST have LOLz in there somewhere!  😉



What could be more real than having gen-u-whine dead birds on your feet?  Heh, they look like the bird that crashed into my window a few years back.   Except, you know, for the diamonds part. 



Puss in boots!  Ha!  



Now this … well.  I don’t know what to say.  What would you call these shoes?  Swine moo?  



Yeah, if I was a flightless bird I’d want shoes too.  Who wants to walk in bird poop all day? 



More Puss in boots!  You just can’t do anything involving shoes and animals without including Puss in boots.  



And last but not least, the infamous rat feet!  Ol’ Ratigan never lets an opportunity slide!  (Yeah, yeah, you probably don’t remember the movie.)  Sorry, lame joke!


As always, click the pics for links, and be kind to your tootsies, you never know when you might really need them!  😉

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tootsies

  1. whatigotsofar

    What? No crocs?

    *eyeroll* No. No crocs.


  2. Onyx

    hehe, these are some fun choices. My cat, Mater, is sitting on my lap watching… I think he may like some shoes, too.

    I bet he wants the rodent ones. Wait – did you say your cat was a he? Isn’t Mater Latin for mother? Or does it have a different meaning for you?

    I couldn’t imagine paying thousands of dollars for dead bird carcass on my feet.

    Seriously! I don’t think I could pay thousands for anything that goes on my feet! I mean, sure, a girl wants to look good and be comfy, but I’m not putting diamonds on my feet.

    And I remember The Great Mouse Detective!!! It was cute! We watched it in school when I was little for a “fun” day… they had a number of movies selected, and that was for one of the groups I was in.

    I saw those rat slippers and Ratigan popped into my head. Heheheheh, glad you remembered! 😀


    • Onyx

      I didn’t know Mater was Latin for mother, lol but yes, my baby is a He. We have two cats, and they are named after characters on the Disney movie Cars: Mater (the tow-mater) and Sally (the Porsche)

      Oh THAT Mater! Well now that makes a ton of sense! 😀


  3. Those rats are very realistic! I should know, I kept rescue rats for many years. I had 7 at the same time, once. As ever, shoe post for the win!

    I had a pet rat when I was a little girl, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of rescue rats. What do they rescue?

    Glad you liked the pics! Thanks! 🙂


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  5. All I can think of with those first boots is foot sweat and odor.

    The pig is Moo Shu pork.

    The last ones gross me out.

    Moo shu pork – ROFL That’s good! 😀

    Yeah, I had to really work at not thinking about the sweaty feet. It’s not always easy to keep reality out of the Tootsies posts. 😉


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