It’s mocking us

Stupid squirrel!  Get that squirrel!  Make a nice stew!  You don’t mock the kittehs!


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6 thoughts on “It’s mocking us

  1. We have lots of squirrels running about in our garden, along our fences, over the shed roof etc. I don’t know if Zuul or Stouffer ever chase them… To me the squirrels seem too big. Hmmm.

    Tell them squirrels are tasty, see if that helps. 😉


  2. steve

    I like squirrels, but then I’m a complete animal lover!

    I used to like them. And then several years ago I planted a ton of bulbs. The local squirrel brigade dug them all up and ate them. ATE my hyacinths and daffodils, and tulips! And sat there in the tree mocking me, stupid chittering, squirrel laughter. They have been on my list ever since. Horrid little bushy tailed tree rats!

    I love them too. In a stew. 😉

    Actually, I’ve never had squirrel stew.


    • steve

      The little beasts are innocent!

      We had a trial and everything, witnesses, the whole works. They were pronounced guilty, but were given “time served” sentences.” They told me my bulbs were delicious. Rude squirrels. 😉


  3. Little fuzzy rodent type things don’t mock my cats.

    ROFL!! No, I bet they don’t! 😀


  4. Oh they like to pick on Lily dogs too! Little buggers

    They are so rude!


  5. I had a student once who claimed to never have a squirrel before coming to the U.S.

    He was jogging happily along a popular jogging path here in Austin. He saw this thing. This strange animal. And he stopped. What was this thing? What should he do? Was it dangerous?! He looked around and realized that the Americans were paying this strange creature no attention at all. So, he decided to do the same and kept jogging as if he weren’t completely freaked out.

    He found out later it was a squirrel. He swore up and down he was telling me the truth. I want to believe him but it is hard to believe that squirrels aren’t everywhere.

    Oh, I once had a squirrel jumped onto my pants leg and scamper up my jeans. Did I scream? Yes, I did.

    They are weird looking, but then I suppose any creature is if you’ve never seen it before. Was it dangerous? LOL YES! They are deadly to hyacinth bulbs!

    I don’t blame you for screaming. Squirrels are evil, just like monkeys and spiders. 😉


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