Monday Mischief

imageHa! Fooled ya!  You thought I was going to say mayhem, didn’t you?!  Figured I’d shake things up a bit, try not to be so predictable.  ;) 

I think my husband stole a bit of my thunder and told you a bit about some of our movie watching experiences this weekend.  I liked watching the commentary for Doubt, but not the one for Star Trek.  While I liked the Star Trek movie – and I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt despite being sort of a Trekker – the commentary left me rolling my eyes.  I swear, they sounded like a bunch of college-aged buffoons.  Couldn’t they have even tried to sound like professionals?  *sigh*

One thing I did this weekend, was watch The Passion of The Christ.  I’ve never seen it and it’s one of those, “one of these days” kind of movies.  I was in the “P” section … see, I pick a letter because trying to sort through the whole movie section at the library is a major pain, so I picked a letter and focused on that.  I happened on “P,” so I got Passion, Premonition, and Painted House.  (Someone want to suggest a letter for next time I go to the library?  And please hold yourself back from shouting out “X!” or “Z!” because finding a movie that starts with one of those would be almost impossible.  WIGSF, I’m lookin’ at you!)  ANYway, I watched Passion, and … well … a few things I was a bit disappointed with.  I understand Gibson took some creative license with the movie, but you can’t brag about “being true to the Scriptures” and then take some creative license.  There’s no reference to Lucifer being in the Garden with Christ before the Crucifixion.  So, he lost me there.  Other aspects were compelling, although his Catholicism really came through, I thought. 

At one point, my daughter, who’d curled up to watch it with me, asked me why they were being so mean to Jesus.  Well.  How to answer in such a way that a child can understand, without going into a theological discussion on the nature of sin and the necessity of Christ’s death, and you get the idea.  I took a deep breath, trying to gather my thoughts and she answered her own question and said, “I think they were evil, that’s why they were so mean to Him.”  You know baby girl, that sums it up pretty well.  :)  Out of the mouths of babes.

Painted House was pretty good.  It’s the one based on a Grisham novel, but it’s not lawyerly at all.  It’s set in rural Arkansas during the depression.  It was more literary than genre, but it was pretty good for not having a plot.  Lots of interesting vignettes, likeable characters, some less than.  Entertainment. 

And I already told you about Premonition last week. 

Other than that, I just did some housework over the weekend and how exciting is that?  You don’t really want to hear how I’m trying to re-organize my cabinets, do you?   Yeah, that’s what I thought.  😉

So, what did you do over the weekend?  Anything fun and exciting so I can live vicariously through you?

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10 thoughts on “Monday Mischief

  1. whatigotsofar

    Oh my effing God. Premonition was on this basic cable movie channel here in Canada this weekend. It was one of those channels that only plays six hours of content a day then loops it again all weekend. Premonition was on all effing weekend.

    Okay, even with my terrible movie memory, I wouldn’t be able to take it on a loop like that. HBO used to do that sort of thing too, back in the 80s when it was still Home Box Office.

    By the way, here’s a list of movies that start with a Z.
    Zathura – I think that’s like Jumanji but in space. Seen it.
    Zack and Miri make a Porno – Kevin Smith movie, yuck. No thanks! I make my own pornos. 😉
    Zombie Strippers – what do you think? Hate zombies.
    Zelig – Woody Allen movie Hate Woody Allen.
    Zoolander – Sucks donkey balls but David Bowie does have a cameo. I think I’ve heard of this one.
    Zodiac – About the serial killer. Seen them both. Did you see my Zodiac page I put up at the top here?
    Zulu – I think it’s a historical war movie, Brits vs. Africans or something. Hmmm. Potential.
    Zardoz – Sean Connery, c’mon, you know you think he’s hot. Well yeah, duh! He’s a manly man! Still.
    Zoom – The kidlets might enjoy this one, Tim Allen as a superhero. There used to be a kids series called Zoom, back in the 70s. Not with Tim Allen though.

    Somehow, I knew you’d know movies that started with the odd letters! And you didn’t let me down. 😀


    • whatigotsofar

      I am well aware of your love affair for serial killers. I mean, that is how you met Darc, right? He was in jail and you two met through a prison pen pal program. Everybody knows that.

      And for your viewing pleasure, Sean Connery at his best.

      You’re a terrible tease, you know I can’t watch videos on this computer with this connection!

      No, he wasn’t in prison. We just realized what a great team we could make – I could kill the people he wanted dead, and he could kill the ones I wanted gone, you know. It worked out really well. Then we got into the super secret CIA program where we’re professional assassins and right now we’re on a mission to [xxxxx] and I’d give you all the details but then I’d have to kill you, and that’s why we’re in the witness protection program. You know. That’s why the “fascination” with serial killers. Really, it’s just my friends list but I call it “fascination” as a cover. For my super secret CIA job.


      • Nothing wrong with Zack and Miri make a porno.


      • whatigotsofar

        The clip is twenty seconds and you probably already know what the clip is about. Man talk!
        And are you trying to tell me that the CIA can’t set you up with a computer than can display a 20 second YouTube clip?
        You’re no CIA agent. You and Darc are the 21st Bonnie and Clyde.

        The CIA doesn’t set us up with anything, because then it would blow our cover. Yeah, that’s it.


  2. steve

    Good morning!
    I haven’t seen the movie Painted House; I have read the book and personally, I thought it one of Grisham’s worst. I think I’ve read all his books thus far, don’t know for sure, but I struggled through that one.

    The movie was nothing like I thought it would be, considering it was Grisham. Not a bad movie at all, just not Grisham, IMO.

    Not much happened here with ol’ Steve this weekend. I actually went to my office yesterday from about 10:30 to about 5 p.m. Just sat here, watched a movie and drank some whiskey. Exciting huh! Cut more hair from Sandy also yesterday. He looks like a little ‘professor’! Just too cute!

    Watched a movie at work? Oh, I so need a job like yours! LOL 🙂 Glad your weekend was relaxing. 🙂


  3. I want to see “The Passion of The Christ” and we got a copy (by accident really) but haven’t watched it yet. Dave isn’t keen…

    I watched it by myself too – well, except for the little one. 🙂 Be forewarned if you ever do get a chance to watch it, it is very bloody. And it’s in Aramaic with subtitles. Mel Gibson was trying to capture a certain level of authenticity, so he had the actors say their lines in the language that was common at the time, and used by Christ. It was a very compelling movie, and a very visual reminder of what Christ suffered in our steads.


  4. Onyx

    Very cute cat picture!

    I’ve never seen any of those movies. Premonition looked interesting until they showed a eleventy-billion trailers that just kept giving away a little more of the story, so I turned down the option when it came around. Maybe I’ll pick it up this week, I’m off until Saturday, so I have some time to kill while Matt’s working.

    Still don’t think I’ll get around to seeing Passion of the Christ.

    Eh, Passion’s not for everyone. 🙂 Premonition was good, it kind of kept you guessing until the end. But the alternate ending would have been better I think.


  5. Happy Monday! My BIL went and saw the Passion and he came back all religious and was preaching that was until I invited him to go to church with me, he declined and never talked religion again. (He has only ever been to church 5 times and his attendance always involved me or my kids)
    You can come and organize my place if you get bored :o)

    That’s weird – if he got so religious, why wouldn’t he want to go to church with you? Huh.

    We’d have so much fun organizing together! You’d be surprised. 🙂


  6. I don’t think Mel Gibson is a Catholic anymore. He built his own church that he and his ex-wife own and it’s more like a cult than an organized religion. It certainly isn’t Vatican approved. I guess that’s what happens when you make a movie about Jesus and decide you’re God.

    Ahh. I knew he’d built a church, but I thought it was just something for more private worship, outside of press eyes sort of thing. I didn’t know it wasn’t Church approved or affiliated.


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