Wednesday Weird

imageI’ve talked lots of times about how MiniNess is so terrified of the vacuum.  We had what I thought was a major breakthrough.  Breakthroughs are always weird, because they establish a new normal, IMO.  😀

We’ve told the kids that they can’t continue to wear their socks in the house in the summertime.  They go through socks like water and we just can’t keep going out to buy socks every couple of weeks.  Well, they were upset with that pronouncement.  KnytLite believes that feet are disgusting and shouldn’t be seen by human eyes.  I couldn’t understand the MiniNess’s aversion to going barefoot though, until Daddy asked her what the problem was.  She held up a tiny foot and said, “I get crumbs on my feet when I go barefoot.” 


Now it’s time for the Mama-pounce.  *wicked grin*

“Do you know why you get crumbs on your feet?”
”From food.”
”That’s right.  Now look here under where I eat, do you see crumbs?”  I made her do that with each spot, saving hers for last, where all the crumbs were.
”Do you know how we get crumbs off the floor?”
She braced herself before she answered, “With the vacuum?”

Smart cookie, this one!  I confess I was pleased to discover that there is indeed a prissy princess inside this baby, that she really does have aspects of her mama in there, to be so annoyed by a few crumbs on her toes.  I explained that since she was the biggest crumb contributor – and the biggest obstacle to getting rid of them – that she was going to help me vacuum the next day.  She said she was excited.  She acted excited.  She seemed proud to not be such a baby about the vacuum anymore. 

So the next day I pulled out the vacuum. 

I placed the handle in her little hand.  I stood behind her, leaning over so I could be on her level, held her close to me with my hand on her chest, my other hand over hers on the nozzle.  And we vacuumed.  Together.  I could feel her little heart racing, but she was pushing through it!  She was facing her fear head on!  Together we vacuumed where she sits to eat.  She did it!  *proud mama smile*

Once her spot was done, she decided she’d had enough and went back to hiding under her blanket while I finished the rest of the job, but man oh man, I’m proud!  I’ve known adults who can’t face their fears like that, and this is a real fear for her.  But my brave baby girl decided to stand up to her fear, do what needed to be done, and get it over with.  How could I not be impressed with her strength of character?  It was definitely one of those, “That’s my girl!” moments.  :)  Woo!

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Weird

  1. whatigotsofar

    KnytLite is wiser beyond his years.

    LOL Yeah, he takes after his father on that one. 🙂


  2. That is a great story! Hopefully she can go sock less more now.

    Thanks. 🙂 When she was a baby I couldn’t keep socks on her, even in Winter. So, I’m hoping – she has cute feet. 🙂


  3. I’m so proud of the MiniNess! Give her a squeeze and tell her for me. And good for you, pouncing on the opportunity. And yay, no more crumbs on the floor! I love this post.

    Thanks lovey. 🙂 Yay, no more crumbs is right! We’re making progress! LOL

    (and she loved your squeeze 😀 )


    • I just realized my avatar is feet, and WIGSF hates feet. Hehe.

      LOL Feet are one of those things people either have a fetish for, or they hate them.


  4. Onyx

    hehe some people just hate feet, my Dad can’t stand the sight of them!

    LOL Neither can Darc. 🙂

    Good job to MiniNess! That’s excellent that she was able to push through her fear and anxiety of the vacuum! (: You have every reason to be so proud!

    She’s such a brave girl. 😀 Thanks hon.


  5. Good for her! I’m proud too. 🙂 I also hate crumbs on my feet. I wear socks inside and usually slippers too, even in the summertime. I tend not to wear holes in my socks though, I don’t know why.

    Well obviously because you’re not skipping, bouncing, dancing, twirling, pretending to be a giant ant or the ant queen, or chasing your big brother with the back scratchers you’re pretending are your giant mandibles. 😉


  6. Good for her! I’m glad you had this breakthrough and now she knows the vaccum is useful for something other than sucking up little girls, I mean, taking up space in the closet. 😉

    Hahahaha! AND you can never go down the drain either! 😀


  7. steve

    Well, I’m proud of you both. I agree with the little one, those dastardly crumbs are quite uncomfortable! Good job Mom!

    LOL Yes, those crumbs are dastardly indeed! I hate them!

    Thanks Steve. 😀


  8. Wahoo MiniNess, you rock!!

    I’m the proud mama today. 🙂

    Thanks! I’ll tell her you said that. 😀


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