Thursday Thankfulness

image Candles.  How awesome are they, yet how little thought do we give them?  Unless it’s a birthday, or a power-outage, we tend to not think about them at all.  Which I think is kind of sad, because candles are amazing at setting a mood, and relaxing a home, as well as providing light. 

Have you ever tried that?  Turning off all the lights on purpose, and just going by the glow of candlelight for an evening?  I highly recommend it!  A couple years ago, when Darc would come home after a long day at work, I’d have only candlelight, and some classical music playing low in the background.  Actually, it was the old baby lullaby CD I had laying around.  He’d walk in and the stresses of his day would just melt away.  The soothing music and the soft light work wonders on a battered spirit.  Try taking a bath by candlelight with soft music playing.  Heavenly!  You’ll be so relaxed you might even fall asleep in the tub, lol.

I especially love beeswax candles because they smell like honey when they burn.  🙂

When I was a little girl, the old lady next door “adopted” me to be her granddaughter, because her grandkids all lived far away.  She’d always have milk and cookies for me on the weekends, and we’d sit around and do crafts.  Once we made a candle together.  I was in awe, because at 7, I didn’t know real people could actually make candles.  I thought you could only get them from a store, made in a factory somewhere.  Mrs J introduced a whole new world to me in that regard and if I can ever get back into crafting again, making candles is high on my list.  To this day, I still can’t look at a candle without thinking of her.

Candles.  I don’t light them often enough, but I aim to change that, because they are one of those simple pleasures I am thankful for.  🙂

Is there something you’re thankful for this week?  Do you keep lots of candles around too?image

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. My Mom gave me some candles when I first moved out. I have never really used them. I probably should because they are taking up space in my place.

    Take them out! You could have a really nice, romantic evening with Bobette. 🙂


  2. whatigotsofar

    Candles don’t always agree with men. It’s a common hazing technique to strip a man down, tie him to a bed face down and stick a lit candle in his butt.
    I don’t care if the candle is scented with lavender and vanilla. I don’t want to pick wax outta my butt crack. I gotta enough stuff in there as it is. Don’t need anything more.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that, and I’ve heard of some nasty stuff. Including the TMI on your tushy!


  3. Candles are nice in Church too – very symbolic and religious.

    Oh yeah, there too! And weddings. I love them in weddings. 🙂


  4. I love candles also. We don’t have a lot of them around the house because we are out so often. But when I do have the chance to burn them I will get all of them going, turn out all the lights and just enjoy.

    Isn’t that fun? I love doing that, and all the scents blend together and the place smells so nice. 🙂


  5. steve

    Okay, candles are cool. And yes, they can … well, set a mood, so to speak. (though the “mood” hasn’t been so prevalent around Comanche Walk lately).
    So, I guess for a pretty good while now, I’ve been pretty thankful for whiskey and beer and my great little dog. I know, I know, I’m a shallow person; but I’m just me.

    As long as you have what you need, right? I suspect there’s a lot of other things in there too, but you’re a private sort. 🙂


  6. I forgot and left mine burning today. When I came home from work, it was so nice to smell something other than dog.

    Have you made sand candles? I planned to make some last summer, but my time got away from me. Maybe this is the summer.

    Whew! Good thing the place didn’t burn down!

    No, I’ve never heard of sand candles! How do you make them? That sounds like fun. 🙂


    • There are some good tutorials out there, but you get sand and depress something into it to make a shape. Be creative or be plain. Set your wick then gently pour in hot wax. When the wax dries, remove your candle from the sand and brush off the excess sand. We used to make sand candles at Girl Scout camp (and they looked like it), and I see they are making a comeback at a more artsy level.

      That sounds really interesting and way more creative than the tin can technique. 🙂 I remember getting kits too, when I was a kid, that had molds in it. And I, for one, miss those carved candles that were so popular in the 70s. 🙂


  7. Onyx

    Candles are nice, I prefer tart burners though, so it’s sort of candles, there’s a tea light in there.

    I used to have some of those! Potpourri burners, we called them. 🙂 You fill them with fragrant leaves (that you can buy) and water and then let it simmer with the tea light under it.


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