Every time I see a tantrum-throwing kid in a store or something and the parents aren’t dong anything about it, I feel like this puppeh here.  😀



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4 thoughts on “WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

  1. Ohh I want one of those dogs so I can make it do that the next time I see one of those tantrum kids!

    Me too! I want it to nip right near their little noses, to shock some sense into them. And really, the kids want that too. That’s what those lazy parents don’t understand. Kids WANT to know the boundaries and to be stopped from crossing them.


  2. Onyx

    Man… I’d be doing this every day at my work. It drives me mad when parents don’t realize their children are behaving so poorly. I just want to tell them to back the eff off, and tame their pack. Or when parents say no, and their kids whine and complain and throw a hissy, just for the parent to give turn around and give in… then they smile at us and say “kids these days, they’re so spoiled.” Like they’re justifying their actions.

    A lady said this one day after her kid had a huge fit (kicking, screaming, yelling, tears – the whole shibang), and the guy behind her in line chuckled and said “I don’t think kids spoil themselves, lady.”

    It took all I had to bite my tongue and not pee myself from laughter.

    Oh my gosh! I’d have busted up laughing right there!


  3. HAHAHA! It’s a little known fact that cats will attack screaming children. If I could somehow smuggle six or ten cats into the restaurant, I’d be happy.

    ROFL! You should see the movie I just watched – cats attack vampires too. 😉


  4. That dog looks like PacMan.

    He’s ready to chomp! LOL


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